2016/2017 registration proccedures for fresher's in micheal okpara university of agriculture umudika

2. Candidate clicks on “Check your admission status”. If
candidate was offered admission, the admission letter comes
up, the student is required to print this letter.
3. Student now clicks on Accept Admission. This is at the
bottom of the Page.
4. Once Admission is accepted, the student is led to accept
and print out a pledge form.
5. The system now leads the student to Acceptance Fees
How to pay on Remita:
6. Student’s details shows up the Acceptance fees platform.
There is a tab labelled ‘Pay/paid via’, student should click on
the drop down menu and choose pay using Remita Payment
Gateway and then execute the Submit button.
7. Remita link is now displayed. Student should click on the
“Make Payment” link. The Remita payment secured platform
shows up. There are various options. Student can either do
Internet Banking, Pay with ATM Cards or Pay physically at the
any Bank
a. If student is paying with internet banking, s/he should
select his/her bank and sign in with his/her existing bank
details and proceed to make payment
b. If student is paying at local bank branch, at the top right
of the page, there is a link, Print Invoice , student clicks on that
link to get payment details to take to the bank
c. If student is paying via ATM card/Mobile wallets, the
student should click appropriate card type, the gateway to the
payment platform is opened and student can proceed to enter
card details and make payment.
P.S: If you are paying online, ensure that you print out your
payment receipt!
8. Once the payment is made, if it was done online, the
system will redirect the student to pay for Accommodation
Once Payment is done for Accommodation, Kindly report to
the Dean of Students’ Affairs Office for allocation of bed space
If there is a delay in getting Allocation, Kindly report back to
the Admissions Office
9. The payment procedure is same as Acceptance fees
payment. Once the payment is made, if it was done online, the
system will redirect the student Departmental Clearance
10. If payment was made at the local bank branch however,
when the student returns to the Portal, student now clicks on
Student admission process---> Application Process-Regular---
> PUTME. Student is required to enter JAMB number and
system leads the student through to the stage at which
student stopped in registration process.
11. At this point, the student proceeds to the Department to
obtain Departmental Clearance Form, stating that all
documents submitted to the department meets the
Department’s Requirements.
12. Once Clearance is done by Departments, Student is to
proceed back to the PORTAL OFFICE for an online clearance
with documents as approved by the Departments.
13. Student is now led to pay School fees online via the same
Remita Gateway. Payment procedure is same as Acceptance
and Accommodation
14. Student is now redirected to fill a Biodata form which now
auto generates a Matriculation Number for the student and
subsequently register for his/her 100L (or 200 & 300L for DE
Students) courses.
N.B : Student will be required to create a username and
password whilst filling the Biodata Form. Please keep these
details safe and secure as you will always use them to access
your personalized section of the portal.
source- mouau

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