5 beautiful and romantic ways to propose

There’s nothing as been great to love someone and also be loved by that particular person , that leaves you content, happy, and so on. It will also be great if that person love you in return also share the same dreams with you.
       It is every girl’s dream to be asked a question that will lead to marriage, but unfortunately guys lack the skills in proposing to girls, i can say that girls are now tired of the old fashion way of proposing to them, the kneeling down, holding rose flower on your hand, saying girl will you marry me, no no no, that really old.
      Though that the old way of proposing, guys can take it another level, i mean romantic level, more creative, below are some beautiful way of proposing to a girl to win her heart  and hear the ‘’YES’’
BE YOURSELF- This is the number one principle every guy must learn, create something yourself, do what your heart will like. If you want to capture a woman’s heart in a marriage proposal follow your heart and hers. It is every girls’s dream to be proposed to by a man, so therefore be yourself, be creative , be who you are and release those ‘’golden words’’ from your mouth
CANDLE LIT DINNER-  This is one of the classic way of proposing to a girl. Candle lit is one of the prerequisite element of a romantic evening . the dim lit of candle burning and the soft romantic song playing is a perfect setting for proposing to your dream girl.
    Candle lit dinner is a romantic way of proposing to someone who has a special place in your heart. Guys set the mood by preparing her favorite food or  order their favorite .
   Turn off all lit and lit the candle, play romantic,that set a perfect mood of proposing to her.
T-SHIRT PROPOSAL-Wear a t-shirt with the written on it ‘’do you love me’’ or ‘’will you marry me’’ and then cover it with a jacket, take her to that place you always meet, get on your kneels and reveal to her the  special stuff. Watch her reaction.
BANNER PROPOSAL-If you are afraid of rejection, you can try this style , when i say banner proposal i don’t mean you should place banner on the road, just at the front of her door or at her office and which you must be they. It’s advisable not to put her name but use the name you also call her that is endearment name.
YOUR FIRST MEETING PLACE-Take her to the place where  you meet each other for the first time . Recreate the  same moment and then propose to her. It will definitely move her and which will never leave her memory for her lifetime.

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