I lied to my fiance, am still a virgin for him to marry me

My name is princess. I am 26-year old,i was once dating two
guys and i told them am am still a virgin but unfortunately i lost
my virginity to the wrong guy, i lost my virginity to one of the
guy which i later found out he his already married and with kids,
am left with the other guy now and i told him that am still a
virgin, please tell me anything that we make me be like a virgin
when we make love for the first time. Because he swears to
marry a virgin.
Dear princess telling the truth is always the best in solving
every situation,expecially when you want to build trust in your
relationship ,tell him the truth, tell your partner you were
deflowered by the man you previously thought you will marry
you, which you regret now. Telling lies will only destroy the trust
he already has for you
Tell him you are sorry for disappointing him and ask for
forgiveness,it will be wrong and unfair if you put in an obscure
situation by not telling the truth and it will be worst if he found
out by himself that you have been decieving him all along.
Moreover, you have been decieved by a married man and you
know how it hurt to be decieved by someoneelse you trust.
Follow the “golden rule” do to others what you will like to be
done to you.
Do not feel like telling the truth will make your guy leave you, if
he truly loves you he will understand that it not your fault to be
disflowered by a man that you trust. Your man need to know the
truth because that is,is right. But if leaves after you tell the
truth, that will be more better because you still get days ahead
of you to liveyour  life you also find another that will acept you
for whom you are. Than bearing the pain and guilt on your mind
The truth is this: there is no love without trust , if your partner
don’t trust you there is no point wanting to be with you

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