Four signs he is into you NO2 AND 4 are sure signs

Sometime guys find it hard to spill out what on they mind at first site , as girls always likes procedure and he be like ‘does she believe love at first site’ so for him not to suffer bounce back he will like to follow the processes to win the girl's heart,but this is not what am talking about in this article,so let me take you to the reason while you are here. If he does this things or one of them, he is deeply into you.
11-      Closing the gap- When he also close the gap, not allowing any guy to come close, he will also try to criticize that guy at your presence, telling you both lies and true stuff the guy as done before in order not to fall for the guy’s approach .

22-      Too much staring- This one is self explanatory, when his stares  at you always he is into you no doubt , but there are two type of staring for me, any guy who stares at you till you  free your eyes is that courageous guy and vis verses.

33-      Pretending not to care- Boys are sometime stupid, sorry if you are a boy reading this post . you will notice when you give him a call he won’t pickup and after like 2-3 hours he calls back ,but seriously it is not really our fault because girls are like always “you are too fast” even when they are also into you (abi nah llie? ).

44-      Always wanting to tease you- As girls like funny things he always want to form Basketmouth or AY for you.

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