Surprising advantages of warm water to cold water no_1 is really surprising

Many people prefer cold water to warm water , and this is just naturally , and it doesn’t really
help in anyway,the only advantage cold water have over warm water is that it quench test ,
but i say why do people don’t prefer cold water tea to warm water tea , this is just exactly what am saying this is nature and nobody can cheat that.
     Keep reading and don’t miss any sentence as everything in this article is useful for our daily life here on earth , so this is the reason why warm water is much beneficial to cold water
WEIGHT LOSE- many people don’t know that is not only by regular exercise that can only breakdown calories , but warm water plays a better role in losing or reducing  some reasonable pounds , so the next question running down in your mind now is ‘’how is this possible’’ the is reason is because of the heat generating from warm water which fasten the metabolic process hereby breaking down fat, and water generally is a no fat drink.
REDUCE QUICK AGING- warm water also smooth the skin and also kill micro organism on the skin  and prevent quick wrinkle of the skin
QUICK DIGESTION- warm water fasten digestion and also allow free circulation of blood by breaking fat blocking the vein and arterioles thereby creating space for for free flow of blood, and blood which is the medium for transportation of food to organs which it is needed
DETOXIFIES THE BODY-warm water helps in quick flushing of some micro organism out from the system , adding lemon makes it more faster
PAIN RELIEF- this is point that every Nigerian (ajekpako) must have known, warm water plays a wonderful role in muscular and joint relief when broken or dislocated . IF YOUR MUMMY USE THIS PARTICULAR BENEFIT OF WATER TO RELIEF MUSCULAR OR JOINT DISLOCATION, LET ME SEE YOUR COMMENT .

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