Surprising benefit of paw-paw that you don’t know no_3 will shock you!!

Paw-paw is good for the body for  both  physical appearance and health, paw-paw reduce the chance of cancer, diabetes, hair, bone structure e.t.c . Because of it attractive colour and it teste one shouldn’t have  any reason not eating paw-paw , my mom always says one eat with his/her eyes first. After reading this surprising benefit of paw-paw you won’t  allow any body to ask you “ would like to eat paw-paw”, below are the surprising benefit of paw-paw.
1-Bone- Vit. K  is  a good modifier of calcium which strengthen the bone , and paw-paw has enough vit.k , in other words paw-paw is a good source of bone infrastructure

2-Dibetis- Studies has proven that fibre are good activator of insulin(hormone responsible for glucose regulation)and paw-paw has enough  fibre to activate insulin for regulation of glucose level in the system  thereby controlling diabetes.

3-Cancer- Antioxidant bata-carotene found in paw-paw help in fighting cancer.

4-Hair- vit. A is a good vitamin for development of hair, because it increase the sebum in hair follicles which keeps the hair moisturize .Vitamin A is necessary for the body to build a healthy skin and hair.

       Intake of vitamin C which paw-paw has is also good in maintaining and giving the skin it structure as it build the collagen.

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