What will happen to you, if you stop alcohol no_5 is a must see

LOSS WEIGHT-  alcohol is a good source of calories, you can search for yourself how many calories it contains  per bottle, it over .... calories which means for your over weight issues alcohol is the main cause.
SLEEP WELL- with alcohol one can’t sleep well as he/she will sleep very late talking all such of nonsense which he/she might regrat later in the day.
IN YOUR GOOD MENTAL SELF- as said early alcohol will make you misbehave, but without alcohol you will be youself.
IN GOOD HEALTH- it is not only smokers that are realiable to die young please federal ministry of health take note , as too much intake of alcohol causes cardiovascular disease, with this disease no one is to tell you that you are realiable to die young except the miracle of God that can save you.
SAVE A LOT OF MONEY- in this economic ressesion nigeria is facing now , one don’t have to tell you that you can save that your alcohol money for better things , you can also do the calculation yourself .

 Per bottle of star- 200 naira, times one week, you can answer yourself . all this things am saying please is not that am against drinking alcohol ( guys suppose shine eye, that one now sure case) but at lest one bottle is enough for a day if possible a week so #BEWISE

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