A must seee see!!! five types of boyfriends in nigeria campus

This is a serious case to boys and have to be dealt with, you have to know were you fall in all this category stated below, though this did not just started at the campus, it started at the high school (secondary school) were you date girl only in your mind, guy's understand what am talking about,you spend all your lunch money on her and she might touch you and say thank you, and  you will be like she is mine,lol and this problem ride on to the university but I will say in an advance way.

       In this categories listed below, you falling to one is a must thing to happen as a boy. Now let go to why we are here..below are the categories of boyfriend girls have or place boys in their affairs.
1- The electrical boyfriend - This is the category of boyfriend,when you have her as your girlfriend but she take you as an electrician who change her electrics bulbs and all the electric appliances  which after that she might say to you "thank you, you are such a derling" brother you should find your way .
2- The sorting boyfriend- To know if you are in this category in her affairs just wait when exams finishes or during exam ,and chance arises for sorting lectural , you will be the first person she calls on phone or meet to discus it and also to ask for money.
3- The defence boyfriend- You are in this category because you are the one collecting her phones  from those bahd guy's when she fucked up or always fight even when she is wrong or not. Bro you no be jeckie chan oooo find your way.
4- The bill boyfriend- This one is self explanatory, you're the manager of mtn,etisalat, airtel, phcn   e.t.c and the worst part of this category is that after sending her airtime she will use it to flash you, for you to call back , bro if you are in this category your case is critical, you need a prophet to deliver you.
5- The real guy- you are the real guy all other guys want to be like , she always pay some visits and not only paying some visits ,she cooked and  sometime wash your  cloths and she use the card the bill bf. Send to call and chat with you all day long . if you're in this category shout " am the real guy" no lie ooo because now devil go punish you if you lie.

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