Good measures on how to manage diabetes mallitus no2 is a must do

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organs that are affected by diabetes 

For every disease that has no cure the only solution is how to manage it, how to avoid complicated stages ,low it risk of death. Diabetes is not exceptional in controlling , well following this simple steps outline below will be good measures in controlling and managing diabetes mallitus .
1- Keep your blood sugar (glucose) level as normal as possible - You have to know your diet, how it sugar level is, know how you consume your carbohydrate foods and related food that has enough sugar naturally,this will move to a greater way on how to manage diabetes if you will be able to calculate on how you eat foods that has sugar.
2- Understand how your medications, food, physical \emotional activities affect your blood glucose level ,This will help you fit diabetes into your day to day life instead of planning your life around diabetes.
3- Take the long term complication serious and find ways to minimize it risks of death , see your doctor every three month if your diabetes has gotten too serious.
4- Control your blood pressure- Controlling your blood will reduce the risks of complications later. High blood pressure causes low blood circulation in the system hereby which lead to heart attack,kidney failure , stroke and other related diseases. So in everything I have been saying is that your life is under you and your God's care it depends on how you manage it.
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