A must read, 10 super ways to help your oily face

A lot of ladies complain about having an oily facial skin all over
the face or on some areas making makeup staying power low
combined with the hot and humid weather in Nigeria.
   Following this 10 simple tricks or rather steps will reduce the
Oil in your face.
1. Never overwash the face
Washing the face every time makes the skin dry out and to
make up for lost moisture, the skin (over)produces more oil to
keep the skin nourished!
Use gentle cleansers against harsh ones so the skin is not
striped off of its components

2. Use Clay Masks
Clay masks help to get rid of excess oils off the face.

3. Moisturize the skin
NEVER skip moisturizing the skin because it's oily this only ends
up striping the skin off its essential properties.
And for reducing oil when using makeup, she says:

4. Use a mattifying primer

5. Set primer

6. Don't use makeup oils if you have oily skin

7. Use concealer as a base on the eyelids especially if you oily

8. Tone down on luminous and glowy looks if you have oily skin

9. Use setting powder to keep products in place after makeup

10. Seal products in after application with a setting spray

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