Miraculous baby born with her heart outside her chest, see photos

The parents of a baby girl who was born with her heart beating
outside her chest have made a desperate plea for help so she
can receive life-saving surgery abroad. Little Laraib Zahid was
born naturally in in a government-run hospital in Pakistan’s
Multan city earlier this month.

The tiny tot seems otherwise healthy – she breathes normally
and is active – but doctors are baffled as to why her heart is
not inside her body. Her doctors have reassured her parents
that her heart is functioning normally, but she urgently needs
an operation to place it inside her body.
“Except the heart being outside her chest, the baby looks
normal. She breathes normally and is active. “The baby may
survive if paediatric surgeons can operate on her.”
Both Shaista and her husband, Zahid Baloch, 28, a taxi driver,
are devastated with their firstborn’s condition and hoping for a
miracle that could save her.
Baloch has pleaded for help from the Pakistan government so
that his baby can be taken outside the country for a surgery.

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