Oohh my!!! see the smoker who reveals he still smoke five stick of cigarettes after he lost his tongue because of cancer

A smoker who lost half his tongue to mouth and throat cancer
has revealed that he still smokes five cigarettes a day. Ex-
soldier James Upfield, 46, died twice during treatment - once on
the operating table and once when his "lungs exploded".

His illness has left him unable to forced to liquidise his food as
his mouth produces no saliva.
The former Royal Pioneer Corps soldier from Nottingham also
developed motor neurone disease – a rare condition that
progressively damages part of the nervous system - following
Furthermore his face has been misshapen by surgery to cut out
his tumour - and he has lost all his teeth due to radiation and
has trouble speaking.
But James - who has been smoking since he was 13 - insists he
is too addicted to ditch the deadly habit and simply CANNOT
Amazingly he is set to run the London Marathon in aid of Scope
- despite still being a smoker.

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