See the photo of the delta base lesbians that posted they romantic photos all over social media

Despite public outcry and condemnation of the display
of their same-sex relationship, » a lesbian couple in
Delta State have insisted they are happy with who they
are and will continue to let the world know they are
very much in love.
The ladies who have been identified as Chidi Sample , aka Prince
Parpistud who is the alpha male in the relationship and
Lawrencia Aligasi, have been flaunting their relationship » and
romantic photos all over the social media and they do not care
what anyone says about them.

The couple who are based in Warri, have, daily, been posting
their loved-up photos on their social media accounts not
minding the fact that same-sex relationship is frowned upon by
many in the country and attracts a 14-year jail term.

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