hmm!!! My wife love fighting with pant and bra man tells court

A tricycle rider, Jelili Olanrewaju, has sued for the divorce of his
wife, Rafiat Olanrewaju, at the Ile Tuntun Customary Court,
Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State. Jelili sued for divorce on the grounds
that his wife was stubborn, troublesome, quarrelsome and
disrespectful to his parents and relatives. He added that she
was always fighting him.

He thus prayed the court that their marriage be dissolved and
the custody of the children granted him.

“The greatest mistake I have ever made in life was to marry my
wife, “Jelili said.
“While we were dating, she hid her true nature from me. I
thought I knew her well enough and believed she was going to
be a dutiful wife. She started showing her true self the day we
got married . And a week after I started regretting ever marrying
“We have lived in eight houses in the 11 years of our marriage
as a result of my wife’s quarrelsome nature. My wife not only
fights me; she also fights with our neighbours and people in the
“She starts and ends the day fighting. Our neighbours wait to
hear her shout and curse every morning. When they hear her
voice, they know the day has broken.
”Our belongings were often thrown out by the different
landlords we rented apartments from due to my wife’s unruly
“The most shameful aspect of it is that everybody in our
compound and neighbourhood has seen her nakedness, the
plaintiff added.
“Whenever she wants to engage in a fight, she pulls off her
clothes leaving only her pants and bra which are torn in the
course of the fight thus leaving her stark naked.
“I’m a tricycle driver. I run the business in our neighbourhood.
My family and I live on the little income I make from the
business. Many times I have ended up spending this income to
treat my passengers’. All because of my wife’s disgraceful act.
“There were times she would waylay me, drag down my
passengers if they were females and fight them. She would not
only embarrass them but assault them publicly. I bear the brunt
of her misconduct because I carry the victims to the hospital for
medical attention and pay the medical bills. This often disrupts
my business anytime it happens, ”he stated.
“The last time she fought, we were again thrown out of our
apartment by our landlord.
She fought naked with a tenant. I mediated in the matter, but
she disregarded me. And same with the landlord and other co-
tenants She fought and destroyed things in the compound which
was the major reason we were sent packing.
“I decided we were going to live separately henceforth. I,
therefore rented an apartment for her and paid N30,000 as rent
while I moved into another apartment somewhere else.
“She came to my place with her sister early one morning to
fight me. My offence according to them was that I was dating
another lady. My mother was around then. She slapped my
mother and tore her clothes for trying to mediate in the matter.
They destroyed my property and went away with my money and
“I went to report at the police station and a policeman went with
me to effect her arrest at her sister’s place where she was
hiding. We got there but her sister resisted her arrest and
almost assaulted the policeman. I was then advised at the
police station to come to court, “he stated.
Rafiat disagreed to her husband’s plea for divorce and custody
of their children.
“My mother in-law is our problem, “the defendant stated.
“My husband and I and four others were living with her in her
one-room apartment early in our marriage. Due to paucity of
fund , I offered to help her sell cooked rice and amala (yam
flour) which I hawked. This I did dutifully.
“Rather than being appreciative of this she started finding fault
in all I did and encouraged my husband to take another wife.
“She’s is the cause of the frequent fights between me and my
husband. The last time we fought, he sent me out. I went to my
mother who sent delegates twice to his family to make peace
but he and her mother refused to have me back.
“He later rented a N20,000 per annum apartment and left me
and our three-year-old child. The place was bare- there was no
bed, mattress or furniture. I was sleeping on cold floor with our
baby for two months.
“I complained to him, but he did nothing.
“I told him it wasn’t decent to live alone as a married woman. I
knelt down and begged him to please move in with me, but he
told me his uncle would explain the situation of things to me.
“He refused to tell me where he was staying when I requested
from him and stated that his mother must not know he was at
my place.
“I eventually knew where he was staying and went there early
one morning to carry the mattress we were once both using and
some other household items. I knocked, opened the door and
moved into the room and there I saw my husband in bed with a
lady I can refer to as a younger sister of mine. I was shocked.
He also felt embarrassed that I caught him pants down.
“He got up, put on his trousers and started beating me. Her
mother who was around came in and joined him in beating me.
They tore my clothes and left me stark naked.
“I don’t want my children to suffer by leaving them in another
woman’s care. I still love my husband and I am not willing to
part ways with him.
The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi, after listening
to the duo requested the presence of their parents in court in the
next adjournment..
He thus adjourned the case till April 12 and ordered both parties
to appear in court with their parents.

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