Fruit seller spotted wearing suit while selling his fruits.See photos and reason

It all about what you like, what you are doesn't stop you from putting on the dress you like or you admire,  as for this fruit seller they is no exception to that. According to our source the man on suit is a fruit seller in yola, Adamawa state that admires the way bankers dress.

Below is what the source shared on Facebook

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in

them… This man is a fruit seller in Yola

Nigeria around roundabout Mai Doki. I asked

him, why dress like this? He replied, “anytime

I go to the Bank for transaction I do admire

the way the bankers dress, so this is my office

and since I don’t have the hope of being a

banker one-day… let me also dress like one.

Anytime I dress like this it makes me to also

have a sense of importance”

What do you think? 

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