Some angry UNN student dumped juju in front of they departmental entrance with a note for they lacturers. See photos and details

According to some stories circulating online,
Some angry students of the the dwpartment of human Nutrition
and Dietetics department of University of
Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), decided to teach their
lecturers a lesson.
The students have been reported to have rebelled
against their lecturers for daring to fail a
good number of them, leaving about 50 of the
2016/2017 graduating students behind while
passing just 30 in a class of 80 students.
Some angry students prepared what appears
to be juju (a calabash containing 'charms',
feathers and broken eggs), placed them on
a red cloth in front of their departmental
office, and leaving a note that said "since una
no wan make we go...una go DIE here with us "
The students also tied palm fronds around
office and lecture hall entrances. And not only that the juju was placed in front of the departmental entrance, Some of the lacturars name was also there
written on the floor beside the juju.
See photos below

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