10-year-boy apprentice got his head busted by his master. See photos

A 10-year-old apprentice was seriously dealt
with by his master after disobeying his orders.
Facebook user, Dumeje Okafor, who met the
injured apprentice while receiving treatment –
revealed that the boy’s head was busted by his
master in Anambra state.

Below is what he shared online;
 here if your 10years old boy apprentice
misbehaves or disobeys you, you can choose to
emulate ‘that master’ and quickly Burst his
head. Cracked skull and torn scalp everywhere.
I was returning from an evening walk, when I
saw this little boy in a chemist (patent
medicine) shop. The boy was bleeding from the
scalp. The chemist was busy bandaging the
head and about to administer some
injections.Poor management.
I introduced myself to the Chemist and took
over management.

Very deep laceration. I cleaned, scraped the
hair, found the edges and stitched them up.
There was no lidnocaine (anaesthesia), so it
was the most harrowing experience for the
little boy. I gave him NSAID analgesic and
Narcotic injection. But the screams kept
coming with each stitch.Yeah I would have
referred to a hospital but the caregivers even
almost refused my attending to him, for fear
that Charges might be exorbitant.
I included this as part of OurDrKing’s Free
Medical Outreach, Hence I did my work free of
charge but they had to pay the chemist for his
drugs.His head was bursted by his Master and
nobody can ever do shit about that.
Apprenticeship is hell and Devil is always the

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