My husband can exchange our children for indian hemp, woman tells court

Memunat Ramoni has appealed to Oja Oba/
Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan,
Oyo State to please separate her and her
husband, Oseni Ramoni who she got married to
21 years ago. Memunat in her divorce suit
alleged that her husband was an alcoholic,
nonchalant about her welfare and that of their
children and always threatening to cut her into
pieces with a sword.
She, therefore, prayed the court to terminate
their relationship and grant her custody of
their four children in order to give them proper

“My lord, I’m fed up with my marriage because
my husband’s behaviour is not better than that
of an animal.
“All I have been experiencing since we got
married 21 years ago is sorrow and frustration
because of his careless lifestyle.
“He’s at his best when he drinks alcohol and
smokes Indian hemp. When he’s through with
these, he will turn the house upside down. He
will beat me and starve me and our
children.“He has been out of job for long and
has stopped giving us feeding allowance. Even
when he was working, he never saw it as his
responsibility to feed the home.
“He beats me every day because of food. He
always demanded that I serve him the largest
share of every meal I prepare with my hard
earned money not caring if our children ate or
not. Any time I tell him our children are my
priority, he descends on me with punches, “she
“My lord, he’s in the habit of polluting our
room and compound with the smoke of India
hemp. He smokes and drinks in the presence of
our children. He will blow the smoke of Indian
hemp into the air and gush down a cupful of
alcohol. He can drink a keg of alcohol and
hundred wraps of Indian hemp in a day and
when he’s high, there’s no limit to damage he
can cause in the house.
“I have done all I can to make him responsible
for our children’s education but all has failed.
Our children go to school bare footed and in
tattered uniforms and he feels good about it. I
pay for everything as demanded by their school
authorities and buy their books but he has
never appreciated my efforts, ”she added.
“I’m tired of paying the house rent. Our rent
is N6, 000 per annum. He will ask me to pay
with the promise of making me a refund. But
he hardly does this. If he makes a refund at
all, it will not be more than N2, 000 and this
after I have complained and stood on his neck.
“My lord, the most frightening thing is that he
threatens me with sword. (She unwrapped a
sword and presented it before the court as
evidence.) Any time we have an argument or
fight, he will draw the sword and threaten to
cut me into pieces with it. I’m scared he might
make real his threat one day.
“My lord, I don’t want to die and leave our
children behind to suffer in his hands. I also
pray the court to grant me their custody. My
husband doesn’t have time for them. If he’s
granted their custody, he can exchange them
for a keg of alcohol, “she concluded.
The defendant did not come to court despite
being served a court hearing twice.
After listening to the plaintiff, the court
president, Chief Ademole Odunade stated that
it was expedient that their marriage be
dissolved since it involved violence. He added
that the defendant’s attitude of shunning the
court summon and hearing twice showed he was
no more interested in their marriage.
Giving his judgment, Odunade dissolved their
union and gave custody of their four children
to the plaintiff.
The defendant was mandated to pay the sum of
N3, 000 to the plaintiff to pack her belongings
out of his house. He’s also to pay N12, 000 as
one-year house rent to the plaintiff for her
new apartment after she had packed out of his
house. The court in addition to these ordered
that he pays N10, 000 monthly as their
children’s feeding allowance. All these payment
according to the court president must be done
through the court.

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