A Beautiful Short Bedtime Story: The Magic Pot

This is a beautiful short bedtime story for everyone. It is about Gopi, a farmer and his magic pot. Enjoy this story below.

The Magic Pot

Long time ago in a village, lived a farmer whose name was Gopi. His farmland wasn’t very big.

One sunny day, he was working on his farm. Suddenly, the hoes with which he was working hit something. Astonished, he kept digging the spot to find out what it was. “Ah! It is a huge metal pot,” he said.

The pot was so big it could boil rice for over hundred persons. “It is of no importance to me” he said, and kept digging. "There might be something else if I continued digging” he thought.

“It is worthless, there is nothing left in this field” he said, after a long and fruitless effort digging. Immediately, in frustration he threw his hoes into the pot and sat under a tree in his farm to rest for some time.

Having rested for quite some time, he got up to leave, he was astonished at what he saw. The pot had increased the number of hoes he kept in it to a hundred. “This pot is magical, I will put in an apple into it and see if it will increase the numbers,” he said. Indeed, the pot increased the number of apples to a hundred, to his greatest amazement. He was very happy. He hurriedly carried the pot to his house and hid it where no one would see it.

At home, he tried putting different things into the pot, they all came out in hundreds. He was amazed. He became very rich in the community. After tales of Gopi’s magical pot had gone far and wide, the King got to know about and desired it for himself. He was a greedy king. “Such a pot if truly it exists, having such a great value, it should be in the king’s chambers,” the king thought. The king in his greed, gave an order to his guards to go and bring Gopi and his magical pot.

The guards returned with Gopi and his Magical pot. They placed the pot before the king. He didn’t know what to do. In pride, he decided to peer inside the pot. “Perhaps, I can tell what is inside the pot that makes it so magical,” he thought. In an attempt to do so, the king slipped and fell inside the magical pot. The pot in its usual manner performed its magic. When the king made his way out of the pot, he was surprised to see a hundred kings on ground.

There was chaos in the palace as each king struggled to sit on the throne. They engaged in battles among themselves and killed each other. The magic pot was left in the king’s chambers.

Gopi, thought to himself, “The greedy king tried to take away the magical pot and got himself killed. Now, I must be careful to stay safe”. He decided to leave the magical pot at the king’s chambers.

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