A Short Story For Kids: The Proud Red Rose

This story is about a proud red rose that thinks beauty ends with appearance. Do you agree with the red rose? Read on to find out what happened!

On a lovely spring day, a red rose bloomed in a forest. It was so beautiful that it received compliments from trees around. “What a lovely flower! I wish I was that beautiful,” said a pine tree. “We cannot get all we desire, do not be unhappy,” said another tree to the pine tree.

The red rose looking all glorious said, “obviously, I am the loveliest flower in this forest.”

It did not sit well with a sunflower. “Why would you say that?” The sunflower asked. “No doubt you are very lovely, but there are so many beautiful flowers in this forest and you happen to be one of them,” continued the sunflower.

“Everyone seems to admire me,” replied the red rose. “You cannot compare my beauty to that ugly cactus full of thorns,” said the red rose.

The pine tree wasn’t happy with the comments of the red rose. “Why would you say that? Who can describe what true beauty is? You have thorns just like the cactus,” said the pine tree.

“I had thought you understood what beauty is, it is obvious you know nothing about beauty,” replied the red rose angrily at the pine tree. My thorns are lovelier compared to that of the cactus, continued the red rose.

“You are a very proud flower,” said the pine tree.

As the day passed by, the red rose constantly abused the cactus. “You are worthless, how I wish I could move my roots away from here, I cannot stand being neighbors with you,” said the red rose to the cactus.

“All things made by God are for a purpose, I won’t get upset at the words you say to me, said the cactus. Hopefully, one day you will understand this", said the cactus to the red rose.

The weather became very warm as spring gradually passed. It hadn’t rained for weeks and life in the forest was proving to be difficult. This condition affected the rose very badly that it started to shrink.

Sparrows would always perch on the cactus and draw water from it to refresh themselves. This so much surprised the red rose. “What are the birds doing?” asked the red rose. “They are drinking water from the cactus’” replied the pine tree.

“But they are hurting the cactus when they make holes,” she queried.

“Yes, they are, but the cactus doesn’t care, replied the pine tree. The cactus doesn’t like to see birds suffer.”

“Woah! The cactus has water?” The red rose asked in surprise.

“The cactus is very generous; you can drink also from it. Just ask the cactus for some water, the sparrows will bring it to you,” said the pine tree.

The red rose couldn’t bring itself to do that, for it was very ashamed. When the matter became worse that it couldn’t hold it any longer, it asked the cactus for help. The cactus was very glad to help and asked the sparrows to help water the red rose.

The red rose decided to never say mean things to anyone based on their appearance again.

Never look down on anyone because you think they are not pretty. We have all been made to complement each other. Show love every day. We hope you enjoyed this lovely and morals teaching story. Share your thoughts below. Always visit nonnyblog.com regularly for more interesting short stories for kids.


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