Short Stories For Kids: The Prince And The Evil Snake

This is an interesting short story for all kids to read. It talks about a tormented Prince and his journey to freedom. Enjoy reading the story.

Short Stories For Kids: The Prince And The Evil Snake

In the kingdom of Vijaygarh lived a very wise king. He was a kind king and the people loved him. A devilish snake dwelt in the body of his son and this made the king sad and worried. Efforts were fervently made to cure his son but none seemed to work.

The Prince grew up and realized that it was because of him the king was always sad and worried. A day came, he decided to leave the palace. He journeyed to another kingdom and dwelt in a deserted temple. He had to beg for food each day just to survive.

In the kingdom where the prince had journeyed to, lived a king who was very cruel and the people hated him. The king had a kind and pretty daughter who ridiculed the hard work of her father. This angered the king and he thought of marrying off his daughter to a beggar to make her understand what hard work is.

So one day, the prince had gone to the palace to beg for food, unknown to the prince the intentions of the cruel king was to force him to marry his (the king’s) daughter. The prince and his newly wedded wife, the princess, were on their way to the deserted temple when suddenly they felt tired and decided to take a rest. The princess went to search for food, while her husband slept off.

When she came back, the princess was shocked to see a snake sitting on her husband’s mouth while he slept. On a nearby mount sat another snake talking to the snake sitting on the mouth of the Prince. “He is a kind and gentle Prince; why don’t you leave his body?” Said the snake sitting on the mount. “You shouldn’t be telling me what to do” replied the snake sitting on the mouth of the Prince. “You too are evil! You attack passers-by”, continued the snake sitting on the mouth of the Prince.

The Princess being so courageous, killed both snakes. When the prince woke up, she told him about the two snakes and how she had killed them. The Prince was so happy, he told her whom he really was. They journeyed back to the Prince’s kingdom. The king was filled with joy when he saw his son. When he was told about the death of the devilish snake, he was so happy. The Prince and Princess lived happily ever after. There was a great celebration in the kingdom to mark the day the royal couple gave birth to twins - a girl and a boy.

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