The Hare And The Tortoise : An Intriguing Short Story For Kids

This a story about a race challenge between a wise tortoise and an overconfident hare. Who do you think would win? Read on to find out

A Short Story For Kids: The Hare And The Tortoise

A long time ago in the animal world, there lived a speedy hare who always bragged about how fast he could run. One day, while he was boasting, the tortoise told the hare that he could run faster than him. This amused the hare so much that he made a jest of the tortoise. The tortoise then challenged him to a race.  A day was fixed for the race.

All the animals in the forest had gathered on the fixed day to witness the race between the tortoise and the hare. The hare ran very fast down the road that he couldn’t see the tortoise anymore. He said to himself, "there is none faster than I am, I wonder the magic this slow tortoise wants to pull off". He then decided to rest a little while.

Soon, the hare fell asleep along the road thinking there was enough time to rest. The tortoise held on and kept walking until he came to the finish line.

There was a loud cheer of victory from the animals watching the race that it woke the hare up. Unknown to the hare what was going on, he yawned, stretched, and started to run again. When he got to the finish line, he saw the tortoise celebrating his victory. He was sad and wished he never decided to rest during the race.

The journey or the path may be slow but keep pushing, victory is not very far from you. Who would have thought the tortoise would win the race?  This is an important lesson that slow and steady wins the race. Consistency and perseverance are key virtues in life.
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