A Beautiful Story For Kids - Cinderella


This is a lovely story for kids about a young lady named Cinderella. The story tells of her experience with her stepmother and daughters and her eventual liberation from their hands. It is an interesting story with lots of lessons to be learnt.


A long time ago in a certain land, there lived a man, very gentle and kind. He had a daughter born to him by his first wife who passed away. This man sought company and one to take care of his lovely daughter because she was very young. His daughter Cinderella was a very pretty girl with good characters she had learnt from her mother. After several months of searching for a new wife, Cinderella’s father found a woman with two daughters. She was the proudest and haughtiest woman ever seen. She pretended to be lovely and Cinderella’s father fell for it. Soon, they got married and she moved into the house with her two daughters. Her daughters were exactly like her in every way.

Few weeks after the wedding, Cinderella’s stepmother couldn’t keep up with the good qualities of Cinderella. She felt it undermined those of her daughters and made them appear more odious. She forced Cinderella to take up the meanest jobs in the house and make her sleep in the harshest place in the house. Cinderella would wash the dishes, scrub the madam’s chamber and those of her daughters. She would sleep in wretched straw beds while her stepsisters would sleep in fine rooms with the nicest beds and large mirrors to see themselves at full length.

The poor Cinderella couldn’t dare to report the matter to her father because he was also governed by his new wife. Cinderella soon adapted to the situation, whenever she was through with her chores, she would climb into the chimney and sit down among cinders and ashes. This act earned her the nickname Cinderwench from her stepsisters. Cinderella was the prettiest of her sisters even though she wasn’t richly dressed like them.

An announcement was made throughout the kingdom, inviting all maidens to the king’s palace for a ball. The young prince was about to choose a wife for himself. The news of the event soon got to Cinderella's stepsisters and they all felt happy about the announcement. They got busy with what to wear to the ball and this became a new problem for Cinderella because she would have to wash and iron whatever dress they choose and plait their ruffles. They kept chattering about how beautiful they would look at the ball.

After several days of preparation, the appointed day for the ball arrived and Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters left for the ball leaving only Cinderella at home to take care of the house. When they had gone, Cinderella fell to the floor and wept. 

“I wish I could go for the ball,” she said.

While she was deep in thoughts and crying, her godmother who has been watching her cry came to her and said, “you wish to go to the ball; don’t you?

“Yes,” she replied to her godmother.

“Alright then, I will prepare you for the ball. First, you must go into the garden and get me a pumpkin” said the godmother.

Cinderella ran into the garden and brought the finest of pumpkins she could get to her godmother. She wondered how a pumpkin would make her go to a ball. Her godmother carefully scooped out all the inside of it, leaving nothing except the rind. When she was done scooping the inside, she struck the pumpkin with her magic wand and it immediately turned into a fine golden coach. She then found six mice in her mousetrap, all alive. She struck them with her magic wand and they all turned into a horse. 

The thing pleased Cinderella and she said, “I will go and search for another rat we could turn into a coachman.”

She returned with three big rats and the godmother chose one of them and changed it to a coachman with her magic wand.

“Go now into the garden, behind the watering pot, you will find six lizards, bring them to me,” the godmother said to Cinderella.

When she brought them, her godmother changed them into footmen who skipped immediately behind the coach with her magic wand.

“you are ready to go,” she said to Cinderella.

“oh! yes godmother,” she said; “but I can’t go to the ball looking like this.”

Her godmother touched her with her magic wand, immediately her clothes were transformed into clothes of gold and silver with the best jewelry. Her godmother gave her a pair of glass slippers, the prettiest the world has ever seen.

“You must go now, but remember you must leave the ball before midnight otherwise everything would return to the way they were if you exceed the time,” the godmother said to Cinderella.

Cinderella agreed to return before midnight. When she got to the ball, everyone marveled at her beauty. She was soon introduced to the prince, who immediately fell in love with her. She was very beautiful and everyone wanted to get a glimpse of her beauty. No one recognized that it was Cinderella, not even her stepmother or stepsisters.

The young prince danced with Cinderella while the crowd kept cheering and whispering of her beauty. Even the king was amazed at such beauty. While the ball went on, Cinderella enjoyed every moment of it with the prince. She met her stepsisters and shared with them part of the oranges and citrons the prince had given her. She was very much surprised that they couldn’t recognize her. Just then, the clock struck, it was 11.45 pm. She hurriedly left the company she was with and reached for the way out of the ballroom for it was almost the agreed time. On her way out, the prince caught her by the hand and asked for another dance. Cinderella was confused and agreed to dance with the prince. The dance lasted for ten minutes, just as the prince was about to compliment her dancing skills, she dashed off the ballroom leaving behind one of her glass slippers. The prince carefully took up the slipper and kept it in a safe.

Soon the story of the mysterious beautiful lady spread throughout the kingdom. Cinderella’s stepsisters kept talking about the mysterious lady not knowing it was Cinderella. They told the story of the mysterious lady to Cinderella and she pretended not to know all about the story.

A few days later, a proclamation was made by the prince that he would marry the lady whose leg fits into the glass slippers. The slipper was soon taken from door to door throughout the kingdom to be tried on by the young maidens in the kingdom. When they got to Cinderella’s house, her sisters were excited and believed the slipper would fit. They tried all they could, wriggled their legs, and tried to force it in but it didn’t fit. Cinderella watched from a corner of the house as they tried it on.

“You there, come and try the slipper,” said one of the king’s guards to Cinderella.

“It won’t fit, Sir,” replied Cinderella.

“It is an order from the prince that all maiden try out the slipper,” said the guard. Cinderella’s stepsisters mocked as they imagined her being the sought-after lady.

The guard urged her and she tried it on. The slipper fit perfectly to the astonishment of everyone. She was taken to the palace and news of the mysterious lading being found filled the air.

The prince got married to Cinderella and gave her plenty of gifts, so much she couldn’t imagine she would own in her lifetime. Cinderella forgave her stepmother and stepsisters for all their wrongs towards her, she lived happily with the prince ever after.

It is not good to do evil. Be mindful of how you treat people, they might be your helpers tomorrow. Regardless of what Cinderella went through in the hands of her stepmother and daughters, she still found it in her heart to forgive them. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. 

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