A Short Story About Life For Kids - The Intelligent Artist


This is an interesting story for kids. It tells us the importance of being truthful. Do enjoy the story.

The Intelligent Artist

A long time ago in a certain kingdom, lived a one-eyed king. He was a very kind king who would reward people with gifts for their creative works. He was very fond of arts and crafts. He was a very just man and would gladly accept any man that would tell him the truth instead of praising him falsely.

The king from birth had one eye. He could see with his right eye, but the space for his left eye was simply covered with flesh. The king knew this and wouldn’t want anybody to tell him otherwise.

One day, the king summoned all the artists in the land and told them he needed a painting of himself. All the artist submitted their previous works for the king to preview. After much deliberation, the king chose three artists whom he considered the best to undertake the task of painting him.

The king told them that the artist with the best drawing would be rewarded beyond imagining, but if the drawing displeases the king, the artist would be punished. The three artists agreed to the king’s term because they believed in their skills. They all set out to work and started sketching the face of the king.

The first artist finished his drawing and presented it to the king. The painting so much displeased the king because the artist had drawn both eyes of the king and shown one blind. The king was furious and sentenced him to ten years imprisonment for showing his physical disability.

The second artist presented his painting to the king glad not to have shown any disability on the king’s face. He had drawn the king’s face with both eyes. The painting didn’t please the king, he felt he was falsely praised. He considered the painting a dishonor to him and sentenced the artist to five years imprisonment.

The third artist presented his painting to the king. The painting so pleased the king and he rewarded the artist massively. The artist had drawn the king’s face with only one eye.

Falsely praising with physical disabilities can be very hurtful to them. Be careful what you tell people with disabilities. Feel free to comment and share this story with friends. Visit this site for more intriguing stories.

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