The Last Leaf by O. Henry: A Famous English Short Story PDF

The Last Leaf by O. Henry is one of the most famous English short stories ever written. It tells the story of two friends and their differing views on life during a harsh winter. The Last Leaf PDF has been shared and discussed around the world, and it remains one of the best-known English short stories ever published. In today's discourse, we'll look at the themes and characters of the story, as well as the history and legacy of the piece. You can also get the pdf for your reading pleasure at the end.


O. Henry's short story, "The Last Leaf," is one of his most beloved English short story pdfs. It tells the story of two struggling artists in Greenwich Village, Sue and Johnsy, and their struggle with an illness that has affected them both. The story follows the pair as they come to terms with Johnsy's failing health, and their determination to fight it. The plot of the story revolves around a vine leaf outside their window, which Johnsy believes will be the last one to fall, signaling her death. In the end, Sue's unwavering faith in Johnsy's survival is rewarded, and the leaf remains un-fallen. 

In many ways, "The Last Leaf" is an exploration of faith and hope. The story paints a vivid picture of the power of friendship, and the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. This short story pdf also touches upon themes of mortality, with Johnsy's illness serving as a reminder of our own fragile existence. Moreover, the vine leaf serves as a symbol of hope, reminding us that even in the darkest moments of life, there can still be a glimmer of light. 

In addition to its strong themes, "The Last Leaf" is noteworthy for its memorable characters. Both Johnsy and Sue are passionate artists who embody resilience and optimism in the face of adversity. Johnsy is particularly striking, as she courageously faces her impending mortality with courage and acceptance. O. Henry's famous English short stories are known for their unforgettable characters and plotlines, and "The Last Leaf" is no exception. 

Overall, "The Last Leaf" is a timeless tale of faith, hope, and friendship. It serves as an inspiring reminder that even when everything seems lost, there may still be something left to hold onto. O. Henry's beautiful writing makes this Famous English short story stand out as one of his best works.


The renowned author, O. Henry's The Last Leaf is a classic example of his signature style of writing, which often combines humor and pathos. It tells the story of two struggling young artists in the early 1900s living in Greenwich Village, New York City. Through this story, O. Henry paints an optimistic picture of friendship and hope, while also providing a subtle critique of materialism.

The most prominent theme of the story is that of self-sacrifice. Johnsy, the young painter who falls ill with pneumonia, believes she will die when the last leaf on the ivy plant outside her window falls. Her friend Sue offers to stay up all night and paint a last leaf onto the wall, so that Johnsy will have the will to fight her illness. This act of unselfishness is a testament to the power of friendship and hope, showing that these are often stronger than material things.

At the same time, O. Henry also questions materialism by contrasting the success of Mr. Behrman, a poor but talented artist, and the failure of Mr. Permanede, an apparently wealthy man who has no creative talent. This contrast serves as a reminder that it is not money or possessions that are most important in life, but instead creativity and human relationships.

The Last Leaf is a beautiful and uplifting English short story available in PDF, that has inspired generations since it was first published in 1907. It is one of O. Henry's best-known works, and is a great example of how powerful stories can be. With its timeless themes and thought-provoking insights, The Last Leaf PDF remains one of the most famous English short stories to date.


The main characters in The Last Leaf by O. Henry are Johnsy, Sue, and Mr. Behrman. Johnsy is a young woman who becomes ill with pneumonia and falls into a depression, believing she will die when the last leaf falls off of the vine outside her window. Sue is Johnsy's friend and housemate. She takes care of Johnsy while she is sick, and helps her to regain her will to live. Mr. Behrman is an elderly artist who lives across the street from Johnsy and Sue. He paints a leaf onto the wall to help Johnsy see that life still has purpose. Together, these three characters illustrate the importance of friendship and hope during difficult times. This classic English short story pdf is widely celebrated for its poignant themes and well-crafted characters, making it one of the most famous English short stories pdf of all time.

Important Quotations Explained

The Last Leaf by O. Henry is still regarded as one of the most famous English short stories ever written. It features a variety of powerful quotes that are deeply embedded in the narrative. Below, we will examine some of these important quotations and explore how they relate to the story as a whole. 

“Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.” This quote is said by Mr. Behrman, one of the main characters in the story. He reflects on how life often fails to live up to our expectations, no matter how hard we try. 

“I don't know as I'm afraid of dyin'... It's the comin' back that scares me.” This quote is spoken by Johnsy, another main character in The Last Leaf. She expresses her fear of death but also her fear of coming back to life again, which she believes will be difficult. 

“And if it be true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” This quote is from Sue, another character in the story. She speaks of the unique and individual nature of love and how it can manifest differently in different people. 

These are just a few of the famous quotations from The Last Leaf PDF by O. Henry. Each one offers insight into the story and its themes, making it one of the most beloved English short stories ever written.

The Last Leaf is widely available in PDF format, making it easy to access and enjoy this classic work of literature. It is a timeless story that explores themes such as love, friendship, and mortality, and continues to touch readers today.

Study Questions and Suggested Essay Topics

Embedded in the Last Leaf by O. Henry is a story about the power of friendship and hope and how it can influence the life of the characters in the story. 

Questions for Discussion:

1. How does Johnsy's attitude change throughout the story?

2. What does the last leaf symbolize?

3. What motivates Mr. Behrman to draw the leaf on the wall?

4. Discuss the theme of hope in the story.

5. What are some of the positive and negative elements of Johnsy and Sue's friendship?

Suggested Essay Topics:

1. Analyze the relationship between Johnsy and Sue and discuss the importance of friendship in The Last Leaf. 

2. Discuss the significance of the last leaf in The Last Leaf by O. Henry.

3. Examine how Johnsy's attitude changes throughout The Last Leaf by O. Henry and discuss the impact of this change on the plot. 

4. Analyze how symbolism is used in The Last Leaf by O. Henry to convey themes and ideas.

5. Compare and contrast Johnsy and Sue's personalities and discuss the significance of these differences in The Last Leaf PDF.

Media Adaptations Of The Last Leaf By O. Henry

The Last Leaf is one of O. Henry's most famous English short stories, and it has been adapted into various forms of media. A silent film based on the story was released in 1923, starring Jack Pickford and Margaret Livingston. In 2008, a stage adaptation of the story by John Kander and Fred Ebb debuted on Broadway. The most recent adaptation of the story is an animated film released in 2017. 

The story has also been adapted into comic book form, with an illustrated version published in 2007. In addition, numerous audio versions of the story are available for free download. There are also several audio-visual resources available for those who want to explore the themes of the story in greater depth.

The Last Leaf PDF by O. Henry

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