A Beautiful Story For Kids - The Kindhearted Villager


This is a story about a gentleman who embarked on a journey to a new land. Read on to find his encounter with a strange villager.

A Beautiful Story For Kids - The Kindhearted Villager

Once upon a time in a faraway land, one gentleman was traveling by train to a new land. It was a very long journey, soon the man got very thirsty. When the train got to one of its stations, the man got down to search for water to drink. He walked around the station in search of water. finally, he saw a water tap and drank from it. No sooner had he finished drinking the water when the engine of the train whistled and started to move. The man left the water tap and ran back to the train station. By the time he got there, the train had already left.

It was already getting late, so he decided to spend the night at the train station. In the morning when he woke up, he decided to enquire from the train officials when the next train was due to arrive. He was told that the next train would arrive the next day. The report left the gentleman sad and confused. He hadn’t planned for such things.

He went into the village to see if he could find a place to stay until the next day. He went o nearby lodges to ask for a room but found none. it was getting dark and he desperately needed somewhere to stay.

Soon, he got to a small hut at the outskirt of the village. He went in and asked the owner of the hut if he could pass the night in his hut. The owner of the hut willingly agreed and offered the man food to eat. He didn’t require any money from the man.

In the night when they had all gone to sleep, the gentleman heard a knock on the door and got up. When he peered through the door, he saw a man dressed in gaudy and rich clothes demanding his money from the villager who had taken him in. The rich man was very aggressive in his demands that it so displeased the gentleman. He came to realize that the villager needed money to take care of his debts.

The next morning, before the gentleman left for the train station, he slipped a large amount of money under the villager's pillow with a note attached to it. When the villager returned from his morning chores, he found the money and note under his bed. He was surprised, then he went on to read the note seeing that it was addressed to him. The note read; “Yesterday when arrived your house, you helped me without demanding anything from me. I overheard your conversation with the stranger from last night and came to realize you needed money to take care of your debts. Please accept this little token of mine.” The note so moved the man to tears and he blessed the gentleman for being so kind.

Do good to people wherever you find yourself, you never know who might be your helper tomorrow. What a lovely story! Did you enjoy the story? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Visit us regularly for more beautiful stories.

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