An Interesting Story For Kids - Wisdom Of The Saint


This story is about a famous saint and his experience at the King’s palace. Do enjoy the story.

An Interesting Story For Kids - Wisdom Of The Saint

Once upon a time, there lived a famous saint whose name was Kandagupta. He lived in a land called Maningar which was the capital of Manipur Kingdom. Kangdagopta was well known for his fortune-telling and wisdom throughout the kingdom.

The king of Manipur, King Maniraj got to know about Kindagupta’s wisdom, so he decided to pay respect to this famous saint. The king invited Kindagupta to his palace. When Kindagupta arrived at the palace, he was received warmly by the king and offered one of the best seats in the palace.

The king then asked the great saint to tell something about him that would happen in the future from his horoscope. The saint after careful examination of the King’s horoscope started saying the future blessings that awaited the king. The fortune-telling so pleased the king that he showered the saint with plenty of gold and silver.

Then, the time to say the future misfortunes arrived and the great saint went on to disclose them to the King. It so displeased the King that he had to yell at the saint, “Enough! Who do you think you are? How dare you say such terrible things to me? I command you to say the time of your death.”

Kindagupta sensing the possible plot of the king, that he might want to him said in a small voice, “oh great king Maniraj, according to my calculations, my death will happen just an hour before your death.”

The King was so terrified. “I can’t kill him now, the King thought to himself. The king realized his mistakes and begged Kindagupta for mercy. He sent him away with more gifts from his palace.

Wisdom is profitable to direct. If Kindagupta hadn’t been wise enough to sense the King’s intentions, he would have been killed by the king. Did you enjoy this story? Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones. Visit this site regularly for more interesting stories about life. You can share your thoughts or leave a suggestion in the comment box below.

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