An Interesting Story For Kids - The Mother Frost


This is an interesting story about a mother and her two daughters. Read on to find out more.

An Interesting Story For Kids - The Mother Frost

Once upon a time, there lived a widow who had two daughters. One was very beautiful and hardworking while the other was very lazy and ugly. The widow treated the ugly one with great care, she would give all she asks and wouldn’t let her do any chores in the house. This was because the ugly child was her daughter. Her stepdaughter, the beautiful maiden was made to do all the chores in the house, she would wash, clean, fetch water, and cook. She was made to sleep in the kitchen.

One day, she went to the well to fetch water. It wasn’t an easy task to draw water from the well, she would spin so much that blood ran from her fingers. On this day, she had tried to wash the spindle which was covered with her blood but unfortunately, the spindle fell into the well. Her stepmother scolded her and sent her back to well to get the spindle.

“Since you let the spindle fall in, you must get it out,” she said.

The beautiful maiden went back to the well confused and not knowing what to do to get the spindle out. When she got to the well, confused about what to do, she jumped into the well. She was unconscious when she landed at the bottom of the well. When she regained her consciousness, she realized that she was in a very beautiful meadow, with the sun shining beautifully and with so many beautiful flowers blooming around her.

Surprised, she decided to take a walk, soon she came to a baker’s house where the oven was filled with bread which called out to her, “bring me out or I shall be burnt. I have been in the oven for so long.” So she brought all the loaves of bread out of the oven using the bread pan. She left the baker’s house and came to an apple tree with ripe fruits. The apple tree cried, “shake me, all my fruits are ripe and ready to drop.” She shook the apple tree and all the fruits fell to the ground. She packed the up in a heap and went further into the meadow.

She came to a cottage where an old woman lived. She was afraid of the old woman because she had large teeth and it frightened her. The old woman asked her in, that she wasn’t going to hurt. “Stay with me, my child. If you will put all things in my house in order, then shall everything go well with you. Only, you must hit my bed vigorously so that the feathers fly like snow upon the earth. I am old mother frost” she said to the beautiful maiden. The thing pleased the beautiful maiden and she took up the service, she would arrange everything in the cottage and shake the bed vigorously until the feathers flew like snow upon the earth. Everything she wanted was provided for her by the old woman.

Soon, she got homesick and didn’t quite understand why because she had all she wanted here. “I must go now,” she said to the old woman.

“Very well then, you have served me very well in your time here. I will take you up again to your home,” she said.

She took the maiden by the hand and led her through a great door which she undid and allowed the maiden to go through. She gave the maiden a lot of gifts and showered her with so much gold that some stuck to her body. “This is for the service you rendered to me,” she said. She gave the maiden the spindle she had come looking for and bid her farewell. She then shut the door.

Once the door shut close, the maiden realized she upon the earth. She was soon in her house, when she approached the court of her house, the cock that sat upon the house called out, “cock-a-doodle-doo! Our golden maiden comes home again.” Then she went into the house and narrated her story of how she had come by so much wealth to her stepmother and stepsister.

After telling hearing the story, her stepmother urged her daughter to try her luck. She made her sit by the well and spin till her hands became bloody. She was very lazy. So she took a thorn and pricked her finger with it. When blood came out, she threw the spindle into the well and jumped in after it.

Like her sister, she soon came to the place where she found the loaves of bread in the oven and when they cried out to her to help them, she refused. “I don’t want to get my clothes stained,” she said.

She wouldn’t shake the apple tree as well because she felt they would fall on her head and hurt her.

When she got to the old mother frost’s cottage, she wasn’t afraid because she has been forewarned. She indulged herself in her service. The first day, she was very industrious. She did all she was told because she thought the old woman would give her gifts the next day. When she didn’t get her gifts the next day, she stayed idle. It continued until the day she decided to leave.

The old woman led her by the hand to the great door, when she went through it, instead of receiving gifts and a gold shower, she was showered with dirt and pitch. The pitch and dirt stuck to her body.

“This is the reward for your service,” the mother frost said to her and shut the door. She went home covered in dirt and pitch. The cock that sat upon the house saw her and cried, “cock-a-doodle-doo! Our dirty maiden comes home again.”

The pitch and dirt stuck to her body and would not go away as long as she lived.

It is very difficult to make in life being lazy. Being industrious can pave the way for you easily. Did you enjoy the story? We have a lot of beautiful short stories for you. Visit this site regularly for more interesting stories. Do well to share this story with your friends and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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