A Short Story About Life - The King And The Spider

This a short story about a brave king that learnt one of his greatest lessons from a small spider. Do enjoy the story.

The King  and The Spider

Once upon a time, there lived a very brave king. The name of the king was Vikram. King Vikram had a very beautiful kingdom.

One day, a very large army invaded his kingdom and conquered it. King Vikram went into hiding in a nearby forest. He was very depressed as he has lost his kingdom to the great army. His courage had left him and he was staring blankly at the wall of his cave when something caught his attention.

A small spider was trying to weave a web across the wall of the cave. Whenever the spider tried moving up, a thread of the web would break and the spider would fall, but the spider was resilient. He never gave up, he kept trying till he got to his destination and finished his web.

Just that moment, the king realized that he had learnt something from the spider. He thought to himself, “if a small spider can face a challenge like this so bravely without giving up, I will try again and again till I win.” This thought encouraged the king and he got up.

King Vikram left the cave and assembled the remainder of his brave soldiers and went after the large army that took his kingdom. He fought them but lost the battle again.

He wasn’t discouraged, he kept fighting again and again until he defeated the large army and reclaimed his kingdom.

What a great lesson the king learnt from the spider. Resilience is key to overcoming failure. Did you enjoy the story? Leave a comment in the comment box below. Do well to share this lovely story with your friend and visit this site regularly for more interesting short stories.

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