An Intriguing Bedtime Story For Kids - The Midas Touch


This is an interesting bedtime story for kids. It is a story about an ancient Greek king and his daughter. Read on to find out what happened.

The Midas Touch

A long time ago in ancient Greek, lived a wealthy king. He had so much gold and could afford whatever he wanted. His name was King Midas and he had one pretty daughter whom he loved beyond his wealth.

One evening, a satyr wandered into the king’s garden drunk and passed out there. The king found the satyr lying on the floor of his garden and quickly asked his guards to move him to his palace until he was sober and ready to go. The name of the satyr was Silenus as the king soon found out that he was friends with Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. The King believed satyr brought good fortunes, but the king’s wife and daughter believed otherwise and tried to dissuade the king from harboring the satyr.

Dionysus upon learning about the king’s kindness to his friend Silenus decided to visit the king and reward him for his kindness. When he got to the king’s palace, he asked the king what he wanted.

“I want everything I touch to be gold,” the king said.

Dionysus knew that wasn’t the best of choices, but he went on to grant the king’s request. The king went about touching everything in his garden and they all turned into gold. He was very pleased with the whole outcome. His family all loved the gift Dionysus had bestowed on the king. There was so much gold in the king’s palace.

King Midas out of excitement went and hugged his duty and she immediately turned into a lifeless statue of gold. King Midas couldn’t believe his eyes, he ran after Dionysus and begged him to return to his palace with him for his daughter has turned into a golden statue. Dionysus being a kind god gave king Midas a solution to his problem, he told him to touch everything he had touched after the wish and they would return to how they were initially. King Midas as he was instructed and his daughter came back to life. He lived happily ever after with his family contented with what he owned.

Be contented always with what you have. King Midas wanted to own everything and it almost cost him his daughter. For more beautiful bedtime stories, visit this site. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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