An Intriguing Story For Kids: The Little Match Girl – By Hans Christian Andersen

This is a story about a poor little girl on the street, who sells matches. The story captures her ordeals and her vision through the night.

It is advised that parents should read it first before sharing it with their kids, as it may contain some themes that the child may be sensitive to, other than that it is a lovely story.

The Little Match Girl

A long time ago, on one of those terribly cold nights of the year with the snow falling rapidly and the nights almost dark, was a poor little girl on the streets, without covering on her head and barefooted. It was the last evening of the year, she had left home with her slippers on, but they had been too large for her feet. It was the same slippers her mother her worn until then and she had lost them while running across the streets from two carriages moving very fast.

She went looking for the slippers but couldn’t find one, the other a boy has seized it and ran away, saying he would use it for a cradle for his kids someday in the future. The poor little girl was sad, from then on she went on bare feet in the cold of the night. She carried bundles of matches in an old apron which she worn and held some in her hands, but so far nobody had bought any from her or even given her a penny.

Shivering to her bones with cold and hunger, she crept along not wanting her misery to cripple her. The snowflakes of the night had fallen on her long flaxen hair, which hung in pretty curls about her throat, giving her a new look. But, she couldn’t bring herself to think of her beauty, how could she when she was the perfect picture of misery. All she could think of was the sweet-savory smell of roast goose that came from the houses she passed, for it was New Year’s Eve.

She found a corner formed by two houses, one of the houses projecting higher than the other, she sat down and drew her little feet under her, but the cold grew stronger in her. She couldn’t go home now, she hadn’t sold any bundle of matches yet and have no money to present. Her father would definitely beat her, by the way, her house was cold enough with the leaking roof over their heads which they have tried to stop with straw and rags, still, there were many holes left for the cold wind to penetrate.

Lost in her thought of what might happen if she went home, her hands were gradually freezing with cold. “Maybe, a single match would do me good if I drew it from the bundle, rub it against the wall and warm my hands,” she thought to herself.

At last, she made up her, drew one out of the bundle, rubbed it against the wall, and whist! There was fire, it blazed and burned like a little candle, giving warmth to her as she held her hands over it. An amazing light it was. It seemed to her as though she sat in front of a great iron stove with polished brass feet and brass shovel and tongs. It burnt so brightly that she had to warm her feet as well. She when she was about to get comfortable, the flame went out, and the only thing that remained was the little burnt match in her hand.

She rubbed yet another match against the wall to keep herself warm, it burnt brightly as before. She realized that each light that fell on the wall made it transparent like a veil so that she could see what was in the room. A roast goose carefully stuffed with apples and prunes, famously steamed, in a beautiful china dinner-service and placed on a snow-white cloth spread upon a table, giving the most appealing smell. To her surprise, the goose jumped from the dish, with the knife and fork in its breast, and slid along the floor towards the girl. Just then, the light went out, and nothing was left except the thick walls that formed the corner.

She lit another match, but this time she was under the most beautiful Christmas tree she had ever seen. It was larger and far better trimmed than the ones she had seen in the glass doors of the rich merchants. There were about hundreds of wax tapers that burned on the green branches and gay figures, such as she had not seen before. She stretched out her to reach them, but the match light went out.

The lights of the Christmas tree kept growing higher and higher. She thought the Christmas lights to be stars in the sky, and one of them fell, forming a long trail of fire.

A child whispered softly, “now someone is dying.” Her grandmother, who happened to be the only person to love her when she was alive, had told her that whenever a star falls, a soul goes up to God.

She lit another match and there was light. This time, her dead old grandmother appeared before her, all bright and radiant, and looked all sweet and happy as she had never been on earth.

“Take me with you, oh grandmother” she begged, “I know that once this light goes out, you would disappear like the iron stove, Christmas feast and the beautiful Christmas tree all did. Please take me with you.” In a bid to keep her grandmother there with her, she struck the whole bundle of matches against the wall. The matches burnt so brightly that its light was brighter than the noonday. Her grandmother looking so grand and beautiful took the little girl in her arms, and they flew higher and higher into the cloud, far above the earth. For them, there were neither hunger, cold nor pain, for they were with God.

When morning came, her body was found frozen and enclosed by snowflakes with her bundle of used up matches on the floor.

“oh poor little thing, she must have tried to keep herself warm through the night,” people said. No one imagined the beautiful visions she had had, or how marvelously she had gone to heaven with her grandmother.

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