An Intriguing Short story For Kids: The Hidden Treasure

This is a short story about an old man and his four lazy sons that refused to work hard. Read on to find out what happened to them.

An Intriguing Short story For Kids: The Hidden Treasure


Once upon a time, there lived an old man who had four sons that were very lazy. They were so comfortable with doing nothing.


A day came, the old man got very sick and was about to die. The state of his sons’ future after his death bothered him so much. None of his sons were ready to work. They believed luck was going to shine on them one day.


The old man’s health got worse with every passing day. He called his four sons and tried to encourage them to take up a job but they wouldn’t listen to him.


Then, the old man came up with a plan. He called all his sons and told them he had a treasure box containing lots of gold coins and expensive gems too. he said that he was going to share the treasure equally to all of them before he dies, but he wasn’t sure the particular place he had buried it on their piece of land.


The matter pleased his sons so much. “We are going to be extremely rich once we find the treasure,” they said to one another.


“Father, think again maybe you would remember where you hid the treasure,” the eldest son said to the father.


“I can’t remember the exact spot where I hid the treasure, but I am certain it is in our land,” replied the father.


The matter didn’t discourage the young men. They were happy they had a hidden treasure somewhere in the land.


After a few days, the father to the young men died and was buried. Few days after his burial, the sons decided to go to the land in search of the hidden treasure box.


They dug up the entire land but didn’t find any treasure box. They kept toiling but all to no avail. “Let us dig this spot in the middle of the farm further, it might be where our father hid the treasure.” Suggested the last son. They all agreed and kept digging that spot. They dug that spot further but couldn’t find anything except water.


“You could take up farming you know,” said one of the passersby who noticed the free-flowing water from the middle of the farm. The advice pleased the sons and they planted vegetable seeds, greens and flowering plants in their land. The plants did extremely well within a few weeks since the land was fertile and had plenty of water for irrigation. The sons harvested the plants and sold them at a good price. They made a lot of profits and took up farming as a means of livelihood.


“This is the Treasure box our father talked about,” they said to one another. With hard work we have been able to overcome our laziness and earn a lot of money to sustain ourselves. They lived happily ever after.


He who is fit to eat is fit to work. Hard work will always pave the way. Being lazy will never put food on the table for anyone. Please leave your comments on the comment box below. Visit us for more interesting short stories.

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