A Very Short About Life: Love And The Time Story

Love is encompassing. This short story is about all forms of feelings and their relationships with love. Do enjoy the story.

A Very Short About Life: Love And The Time Story

A long time ago, on an island lived all feelings; Joy, Happiness, Knowledge, Sadness, Love and all others. One day, an announcement was made that the island was about to sink, so everyone is expected to vacate the island. All the feelings except Love constructed boats and left the island.

Love stayed back believing things will get better. He decided to wait until the worst possible moment. But the case got worse with every passing moment. He decided to seek help when the island almost sank.

“Richness can you take me with you in your boat?” Love called out to Richness.

“My boat is filled with lots of gold and silver, there is no space here for you,” answered Richness.

Vanity happened to be passing by t that time, love decided to reach out to him as well.

“Vanity please take me in your boat, I don’t want to drown,” love said to Vanity.

“You are all wet and might damage the goods in my boat, I am sorry but I can’t help you,” Vanity replied.

Sadness came along after Vanity passed.

“Sadness please take me in your boat” Love said.

“Love my friend, I would have helped you but I am so sad now. I need to be alone now,” Sadness replied.

“Come, love, I will take you.” A voice echoed on the island.

It was the voice of an elder.

With so much joy, love didn’t bother to ask the elder where he was going but joined him in his boat. When they got to dry land, love couldn’t help but ask, “who helped me?”

Knowledge an elder replied, “it was Time.”

“Why would Time want to help me?” Asked Love.

With deep wisdom, knowledge replied, “only Time is capable of understanding the value of Love.”

Only time can tell the value of Love. Love conquers all things. Hope you enjoyed the very short story about love. You can leave your comments in the comment box below. Visit this site for more interesting kid stories.

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