A Short Story About Life For Kids: Gold Coins And A Selfish Man

This short story is about a greedy man and his reward for trying to play smart. Enjoy the story!

A Short Story About Life For Kids: Gold Coins And A Selfish Man

Once upon a time, there lived a greedy and selfish man named Sam. He was always after making money and wouldn’t mind cheating others in order to achieve his aim. He doesn’t like to share anything with anybody. His servants were underpaid by him because he was very greedy.
One day, he learnt a very important lesson that would change his life forever.

Sam had misplaced one of his bags that contained money. He had a small bag that contained about 50 gold coins. The bag got missing and Sam searched everywhere for the bag but couldn’t find it. Sam's neighbors and some of his friends also joined in the search but they couldn’t find the bag.


A few days later, a young girl who happened to be the daughter of one of the workers of Sam found the bag. She gave the bag to her father, her father examined the bag and confirmed that it was the bag his master Sam had been looking for. He decided to take the bag back to Sam.


He returned the bag to his master and told him to confirm if it contained the 50 pieces of gold coins. Sam was very happy to get his bag of coins back but decided to play a trick.


“I had 75 gold coins in this bag, why are there only 50 coins now?!” He shouted at his servant.


“You have taken it for yourself right?” He asked again.


“I am innocent Sir. I didn’t take your coins,” the worker pleaded.


For he was very shocked to hear his master say that to him. But Sam disregarded the man’s plea and decided to take the matter to court.


At court, both sides gave an account of the incident to the Judge. The judge questioned the worker and his daughter about the number of coins found in the bag


“Are you sure it was only 50 coins you found in the bag?” The Judge asked.


“Yes,” replied the man and his daughter.


Again the judge asked Sam,” are you certain you had 75 coins in the bag?”


“Yes!” He shouted. “they stole 25 coins from the bag.”


With both sides certain on what they had said to the judge. The judge went on to make his judgment.


“Sam lost a bag containing 75 pieces of gold coins and the bag found by the worker’s daughter contained 50 coins. It is therefore obvious, that the bag found belongs to another person and not Sam. If Sam’s bag containing 75 gold coins is found, please it should be brought to the courthouse so that we can hand it over to him. Having said this, since no one has reported the case of a missing 50 gold coins, I order the girl and her father be given the money as an appreciation for their honesty!


Greed will never get you all you deserve but honesty will. Sam was trying to be smart but he lost his money in the process. Hope you learnt a lot from the story. Kindly leave your comments and thoughts below. Visit nonnyblog.com for more beautiful short stories for kids


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