Bedtime Story For Kids: The Boy Who Cried “Wolf”

This is a story about a shepherd boy and his tricks on the villagers. Read on to find out what happened.

Bedtime Stories For Kids: The Boy Who Cried “Wolf”

Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy who took care of a flock of sheep.

A day came, he was very bored and thought of what to do to lift his spirit. He came up with a trick to play on the villagers. He ran towards the villagers shouting, “Help! Wolf! Wolf!

The village was thrown into chaos. A few of the villagers heard his cry and rushed out to help him. “Where is the wolf?” They asked when they met him.

“I was only playing a trick on you, ha ha ha ha!” The shepherd boy laughed so loud.

The shepherd boy repeated the same trick a few days after.

"Wolf! Wolf! Hurry! Help! Help!" He came shouting as he ran towards the villagers. The villagers all rushed to help him again but found out it was only a trick.

“Why are you being this naughty?” One of the villagers asked in anger.

“Ha ha ha ha! I am just playing with you,” he replied.

All the villagers left in anger.

Some weeks after, a wolf went into the field in search of food. The wolf attacked the shepherd boy’s flock killing two at a spot. The boy shouted and ran towards the village.

"Help! Wolf! Wolf!" But none of the villagers came to his aid for they all thought he was lying.

“A wolf is attacking my flock, please come and see, it is no lie,” he pleaded with one of the villagers.

At last, the villagers decided to go and see for themselves if it was true. By the time they got there, the wolf had killed and injured more than half of the shepherd boy’s flock.

The shepherd boy was very sad and wished he never played his tricks on the villagers.


Tricks can be fun sometimes, but we should know our limits. Do not go about playing tricks and telling lies all the time, you never know what is going to happen. You might actually need help and people may not instantly believe you because of your previous antics.

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