A Beautiful Bedtime Story: The Devoted Mother

There is no love like that of a mother protecting her kids. This short story is about a mother duck protecting her ducklings from a fox. Do enjoy the story.

A Beautiful Bedtime Story: The Devoted Mother

Once upon a time, a mother duck embarked on a journey with her little ducklings to a lake. The little ducklings were very excited about going to the lake with their mother and they kept quacking all the way to the lake.

Suddenly, the mother duck sighted a fox in a nearby forest. She was afraid and urged her little ducklings to hurry to the lake that there was a fox nearby.

The little ducklings all hurried to the lake. “What do I do now?” the mother duck said to herself. Immediately she started moving back and forth dragging one of her wings on the ground.

Just then, the fox saw her and thought she was injured. “Oh! how blessed I am today, I can easily catch her and have her for dinner,” the fox said to himself. He ran after the mother duckling.

the mother duck ran in the opposite direction leading the fox away from her ducklings. The fox followed her in hot pursuit for he was desperate to have his meal.  The mother looked towards the lake and saw that her ducklings have made it to the lake, she relaxed a little and took a deep breath.

“Yes, she is tired. Now is my time,” said the fox still in hot pursuit. Before he could close in on the mother duck, she spread her wings and flew towards the lake. The little ducklings swam towards their mother when she landed in the middle of the lake.

The fox was surprised at what was playing out before him. “How could he not have seen the little ducklings?” he wondered. The mother duck had deceived him. “How can he reach them now, when they are all in the middle of the lake,” he said disappointed.

The love of a mother for her kids is unrivaled as shown by the mother duck. Hope you enjoyed this short beautiful bedtime story. Tell us how you feel in the comment box below. We have plenty of amazing short stories for you. Visit nonnyblog.com regularly for more!

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