A Short Bedtime Story: The Greedy And Foolish Mouse

Let greed never lead us to do foolish things. This short story is about a greedy mouse and his foolish acts.  Read on to find out what happened.

A Short Bedtime Story: The Greedy And Foolish Mouse

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, lived a very greedy mouse. He never liked sharing things with his friends.


One day, the greedy mouse was moving around the land and he saw a basket full of corn. He wanted the whole basket of corn for himself. He made a small hole in the basket and forced himself in. he ate a lot of corn until his stomach ached. He was happy.

After he had eaten to his full, he tried to leave the basket through the hole he made initially before going in but couldn’t. he tried several times but couldn’t get through, it then dawned on him that he was trapped.



He cried out for help but no one could hear him. A few minutes later, a rabbit happened to be passing by and heard the mouse crying. The rabbit went to see who it was.

“What is the problem my friend?” the rabbit asked the mouse.

“While I was moving around the land, I saw this basket of corn and made a little hole to eat the corn in it. When I finished eating, I realized that I have eaten too much and now I can’t make it out of the basket.” The mouse said.


The rabbit laughed at him and said, “wait a little while till your stomach decreases, I think you will go through.” The rabbit walked away.

The mouse was very sad and decided to sleep. He passed the night in the basket. When he woke in the morning, his stomach has decreased. He felt relieved and forgot all about leaving the basket. He decided to eat more corn because he was hungry. He ate until his stomach bulged again.

“Oh! I will have to wait till tomorrow again to leave this basket, I am so greedy and foolish,” the mouse said to himself.


The cat happened to be passing around the area at the time, he picked up the smell of the mouse and traced it back to the basket. He took the lid of the basket off and saw the mouse.

“Oh what a sumptuous meal,” the cat said.


He ate the mouse.


Hope you enjoyed this beautiful short story. Let our greed not lead us to foolish acts. Visit us regularly for more interesting short stories. Feel free to drop your comments below.


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