Bedtime Stories: The Monkey And The Dolphin

What do you think about being boastful? Always come clean. This is a short story about a monkey and a dolphin. Do enjoy the story.

Bedtime Stories: The Monkey And The Dolphin

A long time ago, a couple of sailors went sailing on the sea with their sailing ship. One of the sailors came on board with his pet monkey for the journey.

Just halfway their journey, a terrible storm hit the ship and everyone fell into the sea. The monkey was afraid he was going to drown and thought of what to do. Just then, a dolphin came along and carried the monkey on its back.

The dolphin carried the monkey until they got to an island and the monkey came down. “Do you know anyone here?” the dolphin asked the monkey.

“I do. As a matter of fact, the king of this island is my very good friend. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I am a prince?” replied the monkey.

“Woah! You are really an important figure. Maybe, you will get to be king now”’ replied the dolphin knowing that no one lives in the island.

“How is that going to happen?” asked the monkey.

“Very easy, you are the only creature on this island that automatically makes you the king,” the dolphin said as it started swimming away into the sea.

Resist from telling lies and living a boastful life. You might end up complicating issues for yourself. Hope you learnt a lot from this story? Kindly drop your thoughts on the comment box below. We have plenty beautiful short stories for you.

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