A Short Story About Life - The Lamb And The Wolf


Sometimes we are caught in a situation where strength can't save the day, what do you do in such situations? Here is a lovely story about life for kids, enjoy reading it, and share with friends too.

A Short Story About Life - The Lamb And The Wolf

A long time ago in a meadow, a little lamb was grazing alongside a flock of sheep. The little lamb was known for his mischievous acts and in a little while, he wandered a distance farther from where the sheep grazed. He loved the fresh and juicy grass he found on his new path, he kept eating as much as he could, not realizing he has strayed from the sheep.

Unfortunately for the little lamb, a wolf was wandering in a nearby bush in search of any prey for food.

It was getting late and the little realized that he had strayed from the rest of the sheep. He thought of going back, but couldn’t tell which path he came from. Just as he was about to make a decision on which path to take, the hungry and cunning wolf emerged in front of him.

Terrified, the little lamb didn’t know what to do but to surrender.

“Are you going to kill me,” he asked terrified to his bones.

“You are a heaven-sent meal and I will definitely eat you,” replied the wolf.

“I just finished eating a large portion of grass and it won’t be convenient for you to eat me now. If I may, I would suggest you wait a little while for the grass to digest otherwise my body will taste like grass in your mouth. I know you wouldn’t want to eat grass,” replied the little lamb.

The suggestion pleased the wolf and he decided to wait a little longer.

“I will wait a little while for your grass to digest and after that, I will eat you,” the wolf said.

Thank you for your understanding Mr. wolf, the lamb said.

A few hours later, the wolf got up and prepared to kill the lamb, he was stopped again by the little lamb.

What is it again!? The wolf asked furiously.

“Please Mr. wolf, don’t get mad at me. I am trying to save the stress of eating a meal you would regret. I need some more time, the grass is not fully digested yet. If you eat me now, you will find a lot of grass in my stomach and that will not be nice for you to consume. Let dance for you a little to help facilitate the digestion of the grass,” the little lamb said.

The wolf agreed and said, “do you whatever you have to do now, I am very hungry.”

The little lamb danced like he was mad for a while without music, and then stopped abruptly.

“What is the problem,” the wolf asked.

There is no rhythm to my dancing steps. I need music to dance properly. The little lamb said.

“What do you suggest we do then?” The wolf enquired.

“Kindly untie this bell around my neck and ring it loudly to create the kind of music suitable for my dancing steps. With that, I can dance very fast and the grass will digest quickly for you to eat me,” the little lamb said

Overwhelmed with his desire for a sumptuous meal, the wolf agreed and untied the bell around the lamb’s neck and started ringing it as instructed by the lamb.

Unknown to the wolf, he was giving up their location for the shepherd to track the lost lamb. Just then, the shepherd arrived at the spot and chased the wolf away with a stick. The little lamb was saved.        

it is not always about physical strength, you need wisdom most times to excel in certain situations. The little lamb was very smart and intelligent and it helped him to survive. Please do leave a comment on the comment box below. Visit us for more interesting kid stories.

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