A Beautiful Short Story About Life: Three Sons And A Bundle Of Sticks

Unity is key to keep every family going. This beautiful short story about life centers around an old man and his three sons. Enjoy the story.

A Beautiful Short Story About Life: Three Sons And A Bundle Of Sticks

A long time ago, in a certain village lived an old man who had three sons. All of his sons were industrious and helped the village in any way they could. The three sons of the old man were never at peace with each other. They quarreled and fought all the time. It was so bad that even the villagers made fun of their fights.

A few months later, the old man fell sick and called his sons to come to see him. He told his sons the importance of staying united now that he wasn’t sure how long he would stay with them. But the sons wouldn’t listen to their father. So, he came up with a plan to teach his children the importance of unity.

One day, the old man called his three sons and said to them, “I will give you each a bundle of sticks, separate each stick from the bundle and break it into two. The person who finishes his own on time will be greatly rewarded.”

The game pleased his sons and they all agreed to it.

Each son was given a bundle of 10 sticks by the old man and asked to break them into two before a given time elapses.

The three sons hurriedly went to work and finished breaking the whole stick before it was half the given time. Then, an argument broke out among the sons concerning who finished first.

“Alright my dear sons, since you can’t determine who broke all the sticks first before, I will have to give you another test. Moreover, the first test wasn’t the ultimate test,” said the man.

“This is the ultimate test, you will break the sticks as a bundle this time and not separately. Whoever breaks it will receive the ultimate reward.” Said the man to his sons.

The three sons agreed to the ultimate test and tried to break the sticks. They did all they could but all to no avail. They couldn’t perform the task.

“This task is not doable,” said the three sons to their father.

“This is exactly what I have been trying to teach you, my sons. Unity is key, you were able to easily break the single sticks into two but couldn’t break it as a bundle. If you stay united as one, no man can harm you. Every time you quarrel and fight you expose yourselves to the enemy to break you. I beg you to stay united my sons,” the old man said.

The three sons pledged to their father never to fight again. They lived happily in peace and unity.

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