Short Christmas Story: Santa’s Christmas – By Shreya Sharma

This is an interesting short Christmas story to share with your kids. Do enjoy the story.

Short Christmas Story: Santa’s Christmas – By Shreya Sharma

It was a lovely day in December, with bright blue sky and snow-covered tops. The whole town bubbled with excitement for Christmas but that wasn’t the case in Santa’s house. The atmosphere was quiet and cool, there was hardly any movement to show the usual Christmas hustling and bustling in preparing Christmas presents in Santa’s house. Santa has fallen sick and he wondered as he laid on his bed how the children would react if they don’t receive their presents this Christmas.

While he was still lost in his thoughts, he heard a loud noise outside. He peered through his window to see what was happening, he saw as usual his four reindeers standing patiently but they all looked out of breath. He quickly stood up to get a better view, to his amazement there was a long train of sleds carrying little children dressed in all sorts of Christmas dresses behind the reindeers.

Gradually, the little children made their way to Santa’s house. Santa was very pleased to see them all as he beckoned on them to come in. A little girl went in first and hugged Santa passionately. “I heard that you were sick Santa, I brought my teddy bear for you to keep you company,” she said. “Oh that’s very sweet little Emma,” said Santa. Santa knew all the names of the kids in the country.

Little boy Paul was next, he carried with him a red package. After giving Santa a hug he said, “Papa Santa, we knew you were sick, so my family knitted this quilt for you to keep you warm in the winter days.” “That’s a lovely thought, Paul,” said Santa patting his head.

Other kids made their way into the room, each bearing a special gift for Santa to wish him a quick recovery. “Christmas has been delivered at my doorstep,” said Santa in excitement.  There were a lot of gifts, cookies, pies, socks, jigsaw, books, puzzles, and even a small Christmas tree. “Gather round children and let’s share these wonderful gifts,” said Santa.

“Which gift do you like most, Santa?” Emma asked. “I like all of them,” replied Santa. But what I like most is the love and kindness that each one of you has shown me today. “That is the best of them all and it is the true definition of Christmas,” said Santa smiling as he gazed fondly at their little eager faces.

Christmas presents are always beautiful to gift someone with, but the greater love is in the attitude and affection shown when doing it. Hope you enjoyed this lovely Christmas story? You are free to share a thought with us in the comment box below.

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