Interesting Christmas Story For Kids - The Little Christmas Tree

 Christmas trees are beautiful plants decorated to display the beauty of Christmas. This is a story about a little fir tree whose dreams were to live among humans and display his beauty to them every year.

Interesting Christmas Story For Kids - The Little Christmas Tree

A long time ago, there was a little fir tree whose dream was to grow up quickly and become a perfect Christmas tree for humans. The little fir tree went about telling anyone who cared to listen about his dreams and how he cherished life amongst the humans as the perfect Christmas tree. The other trees who knew more about life with humans tried to talk him out of it, but he was bent on achieving his dreams.

One of the days before the Christmas period, a group of kids had gone with their parents in search of Christmas trees to decorate their home. “Oh! See how lovely this beautiful fir tree looks, said one of the kids. The other kids immediately loved the little fir tree and persuaded their parents to get it. They took the little fir tree home and decorated it with lots of lights.

Everyone admired the little fir tree during the Christmas period because it was lovely to behold. The fir tree was very happy and was certain the older trees had been wrong about humans. He grew very lovely and spread his branches higher and higher to display how beautiful he was.

The little fir tree was the toast of the whole house until January, things immediately changed. No one cared about the tree any more or thought of picking up the needles that fell from it. He was immediately packed up and stored in the cellar. The tree was very sad and thought humans were wrong after all.

The fir tree was locked up in the cellar for a very long time. One day, the family decided to take him out of the cellar and plant him back in the soil in preparation for next Christmas. The fir tree was very thrilled to be back in the soil.

When Christmas approached, the fir tree was again dug up and used for Christmas decorations. It then occurred to the fir tree that the reason he was kept in the cellar was to keep him in good shape and healthy. He then concluded that humans too are good people and that the older trees were wrong to have concluded that all humans were bad.

 This is a lovely story, right? Do not be quick to jump to conclusions about a particular thing that you are not sure of. Prove all things and be certain about the result before you draw your conclusions. Kindly leave your thoughts about the story in the comment box below. For more beautiful stories visit regularly.

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