A Christmas Dream: Lulu’s Letter To Santa

This short Christmas story is about a little polar bear named Lulu and his quest to see his letter reach Santa’s Lodge. Read on to find out what happened.

A Christmas Dream: Lulu’s Letter To Santa

Once upon a time on a polar ice cap in an igloo, lived a little polar bear named Lulu. Lulu was a charming bear and very lovely to be with. Christmas was approaching and Lulu was very excited about it. He then decided to see what his mum thought about him over the year.

“Have I been good this year, Mum?” Lulu asked his mother.

“of course sweetie, you have always been a very good little bear,” replied his mum.

“very well then, can I write a letter to Santa?” Lulu asked his mum.

“Yes you can my dear, but after that, you will have to go to bed,” replied the mum for it was already quite late.

So Lulu hurriedly got his pen and paper to write a letter to Santa.

“Dear Santa,

I hope all is well with you and your little helpers. I would like you to provide with a few things this year, they are:

A wooden sled

A fishing rod

A long woolen scarf (it gets really cold here sometimes)

It would be understood if you can’t bring along all the gifts, just come along with what you can.

Lots of kisses and hugs.

Thank you,


When he was through writing the letters, he went straight to bed just like his mum had said. “I will post the letter in the morning,” he concluded.

He kept thinking of his requests on the letter and how lovely it would be if Santa can provide them all, but there was something else he desired more. He would love to meet Santa and have a ride with him on his sleigh. Immersed in his thoughts, Lulu drifted off to sleep. He had a dream where he saw an old man with a long white beard and a bag filled with lots of gifts, and a sleigh that could travel as fast as the wind.

Early the next morning, Lulu woke up and set out to achieve all of his plans for the day. He got all he needed for the journey to post the letter including his lunch. He hugged his parents and headed to the post box as fast as he could.

The location of the post box was quite far from Lulu’s place, but that did not stop brave little Lulu from making the journey despite the cold winds and high hills.

As he continued his journey, he got to a spot and was very weak and tired, so he decided to rest for a little while. He sat down on a little block of ice and within a short time he fell asleep.

He awoke suddenly with fright. The sunrays had melted the piece of ice he sat on to rest and he was trapped in the ice-cold water. “Oh! I am lost, how do I find my way to the post box or back home?” he said.

Night was fast approaching and Lulu started crying, thinking all hope was lost. Suddenly, the whole place lit up, it was Santa’s sleigh being pulled by his reindeers to the place where Lulu was. “Ready for a ride my dear? I have come to take you home,” said Santa. A happy smile crossed the face of Lulu as he pulled himself up to the reach of Santa.

Santa rode through the ocean and hills as Lulu got into his sleigh. Lulu was so happy that he forgot about what had happened earlier, he was living his biggest dreams.

Soon time, the sleigh made its way to the igloo where Lulu and his parents lived. Santa quietly dropped him and disappeared into the night. “We were so worried about you, we thought that something must have happened when you didn’t return on time,” they said.

Lulu quickly hugged his parents and told them all about his journey and how Santa had saved him. “He gave me the best present I had dreamt of,” he said.

His parents hugged him and said, "Santa has given us our best present too.”

You may never know what you would be getting for Christmas from Santa. He knows the best present for you. Did you enjoy the story? Kindly leave a comment about the story in the comment box below and visit nonnyblog.com regularly for more beautiful stories.

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