A Short Story For Kids – Rapunzel


This is an interesting story for kids. It is a story about a girl named Rapunzel. Read on to find out more.

A Short Story For Kids – Rapunzel

Once upon a time, there lived a couple who always wanted a child of their own but couldn’t get one. They lived in a small hut with a little window overlooking a very beautiful garden.

The garden was bounded on all sides with high walls and it has so many beautiful herbs and flowers, but no one dared to enter it because it belonged to an old witch with great powers and was feared by the whole world.

One day, when the man had gone out to fetch some food for the family, the woman stood by the little window and admired the beautiful garden. She saw a bed planted with the most beautiful and tasty Rapunzel. It was so fresh and green that she longed to have some of it. 

Every day she would stand at the window with unquenching desire to eat some of the Rapunzel, but she knew she couldn’t get any because it belonged to the old witch. This thought made her pale and miserable.

Her husband soon noticed her worries and asked, “what’s the problem, my dear?”

“Ah, my dearest husband, if I don’t eat some of the Rapunzel from the garden at the back of our house, I think I will die from thinking about it” she replied.

Her husband being a very considerate and loving man, thought to himself, “if I don’t bring this Rapunzel sooner to my wife, she might die. I will bring her some of it no matter the cost.”

Later that evening, the man climbed over the high walls of the garden and got some Rapunzel for his wife. She at once made herself a salad and ate it happily. The next day, the hunger was rekindled again, thrice as before. She so troubled her husband for more that he had no choice but to revisit the garden.

In the evening of that day, her husband again climbed over the walls of the garden, but this time he was so much afraid because immediately he got down from the walls, he saw the old witch standing right in front of him.

“How dare you sneak into my garden and steal my Rapunzel without my consent? You will surely suffer for this act! She yelled.

Frightened to the bones, the man said, “ah, have mercy. My wife saw these beautiful Rapunzel through the little window in our hut and had a strong craving for it that she might die if I don’t get her some of it to eat.”

This plea from the man softened the anger of the witch and she said to him, “if all you have said about your wife’s craving is true, then I will let you take as much Rapunzel as you want on one condition. You must give me the baby girl your wife will bring into this world. I shall take care of her and provide her with all she needs.”

The man without thinking because he was so much afraid agreed to the demands of the witch.

A few months later, the wife of the man got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. At once, the old witch appeared, named the child Rapunzel and took her away.

Rapunzel grew to become the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth. When she turned twelve years, the old witch locked her up in a tall tower in the forest with no stairs or doors, but only a little window at the very top. Each time the witch wants to see her, she would stand beneath the little window and cry,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, beautiful as spun gold. She would wound her hair braids around one of the hooks of the window and let them fall down to the side of the tower for the witch to climb up by it. She did this whenever she heard the voice of the witch.

Two years later, it happened that a prince was riding through the forest and went by the way of the tower. He heard a beautiful voice singing so lovely that he had to stop and listen. Rapunzel usually sang to herself whenever she felt lonely. 

The prince tried climbing to the top of the tower to see who it was but couldn’t find a door to the tower. He went back home after several trials. His heart was deeply touched by the songs he has heard that he made it a custom to go through the path of the tower whenever he visited the forest so he could listen more to it.

One day while the prince was standing behind a tree very close to the tower, he saw the old witch come by the tower and cried,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

Rapunzel let down her hair and the witch went up to her.

“if that is the ladder by which one goes up to see meet the bearer of this lovely voice, I will try my luck at once,” the prince thought to himself as he rode back home.

The next day when it began to grow dark, the prince went to the tower and cried just like he had heard the witch do,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

Immediately, Rapunzel let down her hair braids and the prince climbed up to meet her.

When the prince got to the top of the tower, Rapunzel was so frightened for she had never seen a man come to her before. The prince noticed her discomfort and began to speak to her like a friend. He told her of how lovely her voice is and how restless he had been to see the bearer of this lovely voice. 

Rapunzel soon lost her fears when she realized that the prince was a good man. The prince asked her if she would take for her husband. Seeing that the prince was kind and handsome, she said yes and laid her hands in his.

“I would love to go away with you right now, but I don’t know how to get down from this tower. Bring a bit of silk every time you come to visit me, and I will weave it into a ladder that I will use to climb down, then we can escape,” she said to the prince. They agreed upon a plan for the prince to visit in the evenings for the witch came to her by day.

The witch didn’t know anything about the prince or their plans. One day she went to visit Rapunzel in the tower. When she got to the top of the tower, Rapunzel in her distraction said, “my dear, you are much heavier than the prince when you climb.”

“Ah! You are a wicked child,” cried the witch “what is it that you say to me? You have deceived me, I thought I have succeeded in separating you from the outer world but seems I failed.”

She gripped Rapunzel’s hair and with a pair of scissors cut it all off. Rapunzel’s beautiful hair lay on the ground, but the witch wasn’t through with her yet. She took her into a desert for her to live out her life in great grief and misery.

The witch quickly ran back to the tower, picked up Rapunzel’s hair braids which she had cut off, and fastened it to the hook on the window. She stayed in the tower and waited for the prince to come.

The prince soon arrived at the tower and cried,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

The witch let down the hair and the prince climbed up. When he got to the window, he couldn’t find his lovely Rapunzel there, but the witch. She gazed at him with a wicked and deadly look.

“Ah! You are the mysterious prince that has encroached my territory. Well, your beautiful Rapunzel no longer sits in her nest singing beautifully to your hearing, the cat has got her, and it will scratch your eyes out as well. By the way, Rapunzel is banished, and you will never find her again.” She said to the prince.

The prince was lost in thoughts and in his despair, he fell from the tower and crashed on the ground. he barely escaped with his life, but the thorns into which he fell pierced his eyes that he became blind. He wandered about the forest eating nothing except for roots and berries. He kept crying over the loss of his dearest Rapunzel.

The prince wandered the forest in misery for months searching for his Rapunzel. Soon he came to a desert and from a distance could hear a lovely voice singing. The voice sounded so much like that of Rapunzel that he quickened his step towards the sound of the voice. When Rapunzel saw him coming towards her, she quickly ran to her and fell into her arms, and wept.

The tears from Rapunzel’s eyes fell on the Prince’s eyes and he could see again. The prince told her to his kingdom where she was warmly received, and they lived happily in good and contentment ever after.

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