The Little Red Riding Hood - A Short Story For Kids

This is a short story about a little girl nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood. She embarked on a journey to her Grandma’s house, but she has to pass through the woods. Read on to find out what happened.

The Little Red Riding Hood - A Short Story For Kids

A long time ago in a certain village very close to the forest lived a little girl with her family. She was fond of putting on a red cloak whenever she went out. Soon, the villagers nicknamed her little riding hood.

One faithful day, the little girl asked her mother if it was ok for her to go and visit her grandmother since it’s been a while she visited her. “oh dear, that’s a lovely thought. I will prepare a few things for your journey then,” her mother said. Her mother quickly packed a few things into the basket for her and a few presents for her grandmother. She kissed her goodbye and said, “go straight to Grandma’s house, the woods are filled with dangerous creatures. Do not get into any troubles.”

The little girl promised her mother that she would be careful not to speak to strangers or get into any trouble. She hugged her mother and headed for Grandma’s house.  When she arrived in the woods, she quickly forgot her promise to her mother and started picking beautiful flowers in the woods. She watched the butterflies fly about and listened to the frogs croaking in the woods. “what a lovely view,” she said and continued picking more flowers.

The little girl was enjoying the beautiful summer day in the woods when suddenly a dark shadow came upon her. She was so engulfed by the lovely view of the woods that she didn’t notice.

“what are you doing here, little girl?” a sweet loving voice said to her.

The voice quickly jerked her backed to reality and when she opened her eyes, she saw a wolf staring keenly at her.

Little Red Riding Hood replied, “I am on my way to my grandmother’s house. She lives close to the brook near the forest.” It was getting dark and she quickly realized how much time she had spent in the woods.

“I must go now,” she said to the wolf and quickly rushed down the path leading to her grandmother’s house.

The wolf, being so familiar with the paths in the woods took a shortcut and reached her grandmother’s house before she could.

When the wolf arrived, he gave a little knock on the door and her grandmother thinking that it was her opened the door for the wolf to come in. The wolf quickly pounced on her and devoured her up.

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Having eaten to his satisfaction, the wolf let out a satisfied burp and went through Grandma’s clothes to find a nightgown she loved wearing. He dabbed a frilly hat to conceal his identity and also applied some of Grandma’s perfume to smell like her.

A few minutes after the incident, Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her Grandma’s house and gave a knock on the door. The wolf quickly took his position on the bed pretending to be Grandma. “who is it?” he asked in a very calm voice as he could muster.

Little Red Riding Hood replied, “it’s me, Grandma.”

“Oh how wonderful of you to visit me at this time, please do come in,” the wolf said.

When Little Red Riding Hood went into the cottage, she could barely recognize her grandmother. “Grandma, are you ok? Your voice seems a bit off and your appearance a lot different from before.” She said.

“Oh my dear, the weather hasn’t been so kind to me. I have got cold,” the wolf replied coughing to buttress his point.

She asked again, “Grandma, what big eyes and ears you have. These are new to me.”

“It is for me to hear and see you better my dear,” the wolf replied.

“But Grandma you have got big teeth,” she said slightly afraid this time.

“Yes, to eat you with it my dear,” roared the wolf. He immediately jumped out of the bed and started chasing Little Red Riding Hood.

It was too late for Little Red Riding Hood when she realized that the wolf wasn’t her Grandma. She started calling for help at the top of her voice as she ran across the room and through the door.

“Help me! Wolf!” she yelled loudly as she ran through the woods.

Nearby, a woodsman was chopping logs of woods, he heard her cry and quickly rushed towards her to help.

The woods caught the wolf, grabbed him by the neck, and made him spit out Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Grandma was a little exhausted by the whole experience, but was ok. “thank God you are alright Grandma. I will not speak to strangers or get carried away again in the woods. I have learned my lessons,” replied Little Red Riding Hood.

“You have learned an important lesson today my child, thank God you shouted loud enough for anyone to hear, and thank goodness this woodsman came to your rescue,” replied Grandma.

Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma thanked the woodsman and gave him some gifts. The woodsman knocked out the wolf and took him deep into the forest where he would no longer disturb people again. Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma had a wonderful time thereafter.

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