A Beautiful Short Story For Kids – The Golden Goose

This is an interesting short story for kids. It is an interesting story about a man and his three sons. Read on to find out more about them.

A Beautiful Short Story For Kids – The Golden Goose

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had three sons. His first two sons were considered very hardworking and diligent, but the last son was considered stupid and everyone ridiculed him. One day, the eldest son decided to go into the forest to get some woods for the family. As a son loved very dearly by the mother, she prepared delicious pancakes for him and gave him a bottle of wine to go with in case he gets hungry or thirsty.

When he got to the forest, he met an old man who greeted him “good morning my son, could you help me with a little piece of your cake and some wine for I am so hungry and thirsty.”

The eldest son would have none of that, so he replied the old, “I can’t give you any of these, my mother specially prepared it for me to eat should I get hungry working in the forest. Besides, I don’t know you, and giving you some of my food would mean that I would so little to eat later when I am hungry.” He quickly brushed past the old man leaving standing there.

Soon, he got to a choice tree to cut down. He began cutting down the tree stroke by stroke using his ax. It wasn’t so long into cutting the tree that he made a false stroke that the ax slipped and cut him so badly that he had to bound his wound up with a piece of cloth and headed home for proper treatment. His injury was a result of his refusal to help the old man he met earlier. The old man caused the false stroke to occur.

Early the next day, the second son seeing that the mantle of getting woods for the family has fallen on him, gathered a few things and made ready to go into the forest. Just like she did for the first son, his mother prepared some delicious and a bottle of wine for him to eat and drink should he get hungry working in the forest. Just as he entered the forest, he met the same old man his brother had seen the previous day. “my son, could you be so kind to share with me a little piece of your cake and some wine for I am so hungry and thirsty.”

His response to the old man was even worse than that of his elder brother. “Get off the road silly old man! I have got nothing for you,” he said to the old man and walked on. The consequences for his actions didn’t take long to come, no sooner had he began to cut a tree when the ax slipped and cut his legs terribly. He gave out a shrill cry, bound his leg up, and limped home.

With all his brothers injured, the stupid son, the third son begged his father to let him go into the forest and get wood for the family. His father refused, fearing worse things might happen to him compared to his brothers. But he persisted until his father agreed to his request.” I expect you will learn your lesson the hard way, you have no experience whatsoever in wood cutting. Your brothers with their vast experience in wood cutting came back with these terrible injuries, what becomes of you now?” with these words, he let him go.

His mother who didn’t like him so much gave him a poorly baked cake made with water and a sour bottle of beer.

Not willing to let anything deter him from going to the forest, he took what was given to him. When he arrived in the forest, he met the same old man his brothers had met before. The old man said to him, “can I get a piece of your cake and some beer, for I am hungry and thirsty.”

The third son quickly felt pity for the old man and sat down to share his food with the old man. “I must warn you, the beer is sour and the cake is made with water and it is not properly baked,” he said to the man. He and the old man sat down along the path and prepared to share the food. Just as he opened the food basket, he discovered that the poorly baked had turned into a beautiful and the sour beer into wine. Confused, he still went on to share them with the old man. After they had finished eating and drinking, the old man said to him, “because you have behaved kindly towards me, I will make you great in the future. There stands an old tree I have reserved for you, cut it down and you will discover something precious at the root of the tree, hold on to it.” The old man bade him farewell and went on his way.

The young man set to work and eventually fell the tree. There, at the bottom of the tree lay a goose whose feathers were made of pure gold. The young took the goose and headed home, but it was getting late, so he decided to spend the night at an inn.

The owner of the inn had three daughters, when the young came into the inn with the golden goose, they looked at it with envious eyes and desired to own it. “ah, I must own that golden goose or at least of its feathers,” said the eldest daughter to her sisters. Not long after the young man had gone out to get a few things for the night, the eldest daughter made her way to the young man’s room to steal his golden goose. Just as she touched the goose, she got stuck. The second daughter wondered what was keeping her in the room as she kept watch, went in, and found her stuck to the goose. Willing to help her break free, she tried to pull her and got stuck herself. Just then, the third daughter came in. “Don’t come any closer!” Screamed the other. Wondering what the case was with them, leaped in and got stuck. 

In the morning, the young man came in, took his goose, and went on his way not bothered by the presence of the three daughters. But the three girls kept following him, if he walked fast, the girls are also forced to walk in the same manner. When they got to the town’s field, they met a priest from the parish who yelled at the young girls, “why are you running after a young man like that? go home all of you!” But when he saw that the girls paid no attention to what he said, he tried to break them free and got stuck himself. He ran and did the same thing as the girls. As they made their way through the town, more people got stuck and the queue kept growing. Among the growing list were; a clerk, and two peasant farmers.

Soon, they arrived at a certain kingdom whose king had a daughter who was always gloomy and nothing seemed to make her laugh. The king had passed a decree throughout the kingdom that anyone who could make the princess laugh would marry her. When the young man learned of the king’s decree, he quickly ran after the king’s daughter and prostrated before along with the seven stuck to his goose. The scene was so hilarious that the princess burst into laughter and everyone was so surprised to see the princess laugh.

After his encounter with the princess, the young man went to the king and asked for the hand of the princess in marriage according to the king’s decree. But the king didn’t like the young man to be his in-law, so he came up with another request. “you must provide a man that can drink all the wine in the king’s cellar,” the king said to the young man. The king was very wealthy and had a lot of wine in his cellar. Confused, the young man went back to the forest in search of the old man who gave him the golden goose. When he got to the spot where he had cut down the tree he found the goose, he found the old man sitting there with a sad face.

“Why do you look so sad, is anything the matter?” he asked the old man.

“I am so thirsty and nothing seems to quench this dreadful thirst of mine,” the old man replied him.

“I have got the perfect solution to that, come with me and I promise you that you shall be filled,” he said to the old man.

He took the old man to the king’s palace and he drank every wine in the king’s cellar. Again, the young man went to the king and asked for his bride. The king was so angry because he couldn’t bring himself to give his daughter to a commoner. “you must provide a man who can finish a whole mountain of bread,” the king said to the young man.

Again, the young went to the forest and found the old man. This time, he found the old man making horrible faces and complaining of being hungry. He quickly took him to the king’s palace and offered a mountain of bread. The old man finished everything in no time to the amazement of the people.

Again, the young man went to the king to ask for his bride, the king kept making terrible excuses and finally said, “if you can get me a ship that can on the sea and also on land then, I would give you my daughter to marry. This is your final test to prove that are you are worthy of my daughter.”

The young man again went to the forest in search of the old man. When he saw the old man, the old man said to him, “it was I who had allowed all these things to happen. don’t worry, I will give you the ship the king has asked for you because you thought I was poor and you showed me great care and love by giving me food and drink.” The old man gave him the ship he had come for and the young man took it to the king. When the king saw that he couldn’t make any more excuses, he gave his daughter to the young man and they got married and lived happily ever after. 

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