A Glass Of Milk: A Short Story About Life For Kids

This short story about life is recommended for all kids, to teach them to do good always. Read on to enjoy this wonderful piece.

A Glass Of Milk: A Short Story About Life For Kids

Once upon a time in a town, there lived a poor boy who survived by selling objects of different kinds to people. He was able to save little money to pay for his tuition in school.

One particular day while on his usual sales moving from one house to the other, he felt very tired and hungry. He could barely move his feet. He decided to beg for food from one of the houses around his sales area. He knocked on one of the doors and was surprised when a pretty young girl opened the door. He was reluctant at first to ask the girl for anything, so he asked for a cup of water.

The young girl understood his condition and gave him a glass of milk instead of water. He was shocked at the glass of milk she offered but went on to drink the milk very slowly.

“What is the price of the milk?” he asked.

“There is no price, I don’t want your money either,” the girl replied.

 He thanked the girl for her generosity and left the house.

A few years later, the young girl grew into a very beautiful lady. Unfortunately, she was suffering from a rare kind of nervous disorder. She was hospitalized at the city hospital where she was provided with the best medical facilities and doctors. The doctors marveled at her condition as none could come up with a solution.

A neuro specialist, Dr. Kelvin was called in by the city hospital as it seems they were running out of options. Dr. Kelvin is an expert in his work but was shocked at the condition of the lady’s health. Dr. Kelvin determined not to give up, he worked harder and persevered for months until he came up with a cure and help save the lady’s life.

It was a great celebration, everyone praised the doctor, but the lady doesn’t seem very happy as she bothered how much the hospital bill would be. Her family’s income can’t take care of the hospital bill in such a reputable hospital for that lengthy period.

Finally, the bill arrived. The lady trembled to open the bill as she wasn’t sure how large the amount would be. She was surprised when she opened the bill and realized that the bill had already been taken care of. She found a note underneath signed by Dr. Kelvin written;

“Bill paid with a glass of milk years ago”

Do good in whatever way you can. The result of your good deeds may not be immediate, but it will definitely come.

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