Christian Stories For Kids: The Stranger In The Garden

This is a story about a gardener and his experience with a stranger in his garden. Do you tell lies to cover your wrong actions? Read on to see what really happened.

Christian Stories For Kids: The Stranger In The Garden

A long time ago, there once lived a man. He had a very large garden in which he planted different kinds of fruit which he looked after until they had fruits. He had a pressing need in his family and thought of harvesting the fruits and selling them for money.

On a cool day, the man and his son were picking fruits from the garden for sale when the man noticed a stranger in the garden picking fruits. “Hello! Who are you and what are you doing on my tree? The man said angrily. Are you not scared of stealing from me? He continued.

The stranger didn’t say a word to the man but kept his cool while sitting on the tree. This act angered the man as the stranger kept picking his fruits. “I have nurtured and taken care of these trees for a whole year!” he shouted. “Who are you to pick my fruits without permission,” he questioned again. Come down at once before I unleash my anger on you.

“On what ground should I come down,” replied the stranger. This whole garden belongs to God and I am a servant of God, therefore, I have the power to pick as many fruits as I want. You have no right to interfere in the matters of God and his servant.

The answers from the stranger surprised the gardener. He came up with a plan and politely asked the stranger to climb down from the tree. Immediately the stranger touched the ground the gardener held him and tied him to the tree. He found a stick and started beating the stranger. “Why are you abusing me in this manner? You have no right whatsoever!” screamed the stranger.

This even angered the gardener the more and he kept beating the stranger. “Are you not afraid of God?” said the stranger. “What did I do to you that you beat me in such a manner?” He continued. But, the gardener paid no attention to him. “The stick in my hand is God’s own and I am his servant. I am doing his work and you have no right to interfere in the matters of God and his servant”, replied the gardener.

The stranger finally said,“ I am sorry for taking your fruits, Please, don’t beat me again. This garden belongs to you and I am very sorry for not seeking your permission before taking fruits from it. Please forgive me for behaving in such a manner.”

The gardener pitied him and untied him. “Never use the name of God to cover up your evil actions,” said the gardener.

Telling lies will never set you free. If the stranger had told the gardener he needed some fruits, don’t you think the gardener would have helped him? Lies complicate issues. Feel free to tell us your thoughts below. Visit regularly for more interesting short stories.

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