Short Stories For Kids: The Hungry Fox Who got Caught In The Tree Trunk

This short story is about a hungry fox and his adventure in the forest. How desperate are you when hungry? Read to find out what happened to the fox!

Short Stories For Kids: The Hungry Fox Who got Caught In The Tree Trunk

A long time ago, there lived a fox in a forest. He was always hungry and in search of what to eat. One day, the hunger was so severe that he couldn’t find food regardless of his efforts. He was very frustrated and journeyed to the edge of the forest in search of food. He couldn’t find any but he was hopeful.

Fortunately, he saw a big tree in the forest with a hole and in it was a package. He thought to himself, “There might be food in it.” He hurriedly jumped into the hole and reached for the package. There was meat, fruit and slices of bread inside the package. He was so happy. “At last my search has paid off,” he said.

The package in the tree trunk belonged to an old woodcutter who had gone to cut down trees in the forest. He had kept them there for lunch when he returned.

The fox ate all the food in the package. Soon, he became very thirsty and thought of leaving the tree trunk in search of water. The fox soon discovered that he couldn’t get out of the tree no matter how hard he tried. He had eaten so much food that he became too big to pass through the hole again.

“If only I had thought about jumping into this hole,” he said. He was very depressed and unhappy as he was trapped in the hole.

Always think it through before you engage in it. Sometimes, because we crave so much for a particular thing, we end up making avoidable mistakes. If the fox had thought properly about his actions, he wouldn’t have been trapped in the tree. 

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