A Short Children Story: The Strange Bird With Two Heads

Be at peace always. This is a story about a strange bird with two heads. Read on to find out what having two heads requires.

A Short Children Story: The Strange Bird With Two Heads

A long time ago in the animal kingdom, there lived a bird with two heads. It was very strange as no bird had ever been seen with two heads. One head faced right while the other faced left. There was a constant argument between both heads, even for the simplest of matters. It was true they shared the same body, but they were always at war with each other.

The strange bird pitched its home in a big fig tree, along the bank of a river.

One of the days, the strange bird went out in search of food along the riverside. The left head saw a very fine tree having a lovely red fruit. The left head longed for the fruit and the bird flew down to get the fruit.

When the bird plucked the fruit, the left head started eating it. The fruit was very lovely and had a very sweet smell. “Can I have some of the fruit,” asked the right head.

The left head replied, “The matter is simple. Seeing we have only one stomach, the fruit will nourish both of us.”

“I desire to have a taste of the fruit, so please give me,” begged the right head.

“This fruit is mine. I saw it first and I have the right to either share it with anyone or not,” the left head said in anger.

The right was silent and sad on hearing that.

Some days after, the bird was flying along the riverside in search of food when suddenly the right head saw a very beautiful pink fruit. Very lovely.

The bird flew down to pluck the fruit from the tree.

“That fruit is very poisonous; it will kill you. Don’t eat it,” said some birds living on the tree.

“Please don’t eat it,” begged the left head.

“I am the ultimate decider here. I have the right to eat the fruit or not since I saw it first,” the right head said. Wanting to revenge for what the left head did the other day.

The right head went on to eat the pink fruit. In a short while, the strange bird dropped dead.

You can’t solve a problem by creating another problem. We must protect the unity and peace shared in the family at all costs. We must never let pride and revenge cost us the peace we enjoy in our families. Feel free to share your thoughts below and visit this site regularly for more interesting stories.
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